When human resources function like a well-oiled machine, teams flourish and profits soar. However, when HR practices slide even a little off track, the resulting problems can be pervasive. Issues such as rapid turnover, employee fraud, workplace theft, and so many more can pop up as symptoms of an eroding corporate culture. Meanwhile, even the need for a single human resources investigation can leave a company open to potential litigation—placing a lot of pressure on an HR team that should be focused on forging a bright future rather than doing damage control.

If your human resources department has become mired in complaints and can’t seem to break the pattern, there’s a good change that your HR investigation protocol isn’t up to the task. Simply reaching for an HR investigation template sometimes isn’t enough—as reoccurring issues could be a sign of a concealed wider issue, or questions might be raised about the impartiality of those doing the investigating. 

So, where is a business in the grips of an HR conundrum to turn? The answer lies with the skills of the external human resources investigator. This form of corporate investigator is ever-ready to provide expert insight into HR practices that may be letting you down. Even better, they will objectively take the lead on your delicate workplace investigation, so your in-house team can stop putting out fires, and start breathing again.

Potential Findings of a Human Resources Investigation

Through our corporate investigations work here at Lauth Investigations International, we help countless businesses tug on the thread of individual HR issues, revealing the root causes that lie behind previously impassable challenges. While the scope of work carried out by a human resources investigator from our team is potentially vast, here are some examples of what our collaborative workplace investigation might uncover:

  • Pervasive Workplace Theft
    A valuable piece of inventory has vanished and your HR team is on the case. However, is it possible that losses have been trickling away unchecked for months? A specialized corporate investigator can shed light on the situation before it gets out of hand.
  • A Pattern of Workplace Bullying or Harassment
    Many employers don’t see the connection between different HR investigations. A harassment complaint here and a discrimination complaint there may indicate a widespread problem that will soon land your company in hot water.
  • Unhealthy Recruitment Practices
    Perhaps shockingly, Business Insider places the cost of replacing a bad hire at anywhere between 30% and 400% of their annual salary. Misguided recruitment strategies are a financial drain that cannot be underestimated, so tackling this issue is a must.
  • Fraudulent Compensation Claims
    To your human resources team, your employees are familiar and friendly faces, encountered every day. This can make it tricky to be objective over compensation claims. An impartial external human resources investigator will be able to audit claims to make sure nobody’s taking liberties.
  • White Collar Crime

It’s one thing when employees stretch and bend the rules to their own advantage, but it’s another entirely when they walk onto the premises each day with the cool and calculated intention to commit crime and get away with it. When something doesn’t add up, don’t hesitate in bringing in a corporate investigator with the skills to uncover the deeds of those trying to cover their tracks.

  1. An Impartial Outsider’s Value in a Human Resources Investigation

There’s no escaping that there are potential legal ramifications to any human resources investigation. The truth is that towing the line with an antiquated HR investigation process, pulling out the same tired old workplace investigation template, or being sloppy about choosing HR investigation questions for accused parties can all leave your business vulnerable to liability. 
When your company’s profit or reputation are on the line, turn to an external human resources investigator who can keep your HR procedures iron clad. The dedicated corporate team here at Lauth Investigations International are ready to answer your questions. Get in touch to find out more about how we can provide critical human resources support to your business moving forward.