Before you pull the trigger on that next big investment or expansion, ask yourself: how well do you really know your market? Putting proverbial eggs in the wrong basket can be disastrous for any business—but innovative leaps are a must when aiming to achieve greatness. So, how can we know when to jump and when to pivot? The answer lies in corporate intelligence services. In fact, there is no greater ally than the corporate intelligence investigator when it comes to eliminating question marks and filling in the blanks. There is no better way to ensure that your game plan will be game-changing only in the ways that you want it to be!

Every day, corporate intelligence firms do powerful work in steering companies towards opportunity and away from danger, offering legal and ethical guidance that will allow them to make bold new moves with confidence. A trusted corporate intelligence analyst will not only present the facts, but provide expert insight into how to translate that information into decisive action. If you’d like to know more about the ins and outs of hiring a corporate intelligence firm, then you’ve come to right place. Read on to discover more about this invaluable service within the contemporary corporate realm.

Why Launch a Corporate Intelligence Investigation?

The corporate intelligence investigation—sometimes also referred to as the workplace intelligence investigation—is all about gaining clearer insight of your company’s current tactical stance in relation to what surrounds it. 

A workplace intelligence investigator can gather poignant intel on whether an identified market niche is truly as open as you think it is. Equally, they might set out to deduce whether your competition is planning a similar move—posing the risk of speedy market saturation—or even whether a competitor has taken an immoral route, having swiped your ideas, and is actively engaged in trying to beat you to the punch.

At times, the work of a corporate intelligence investigator will be less about weighing up your rivals, and more about auditing your aspiring allies. If you are courting a brand new business partnership, prospecting a merger, or even simply exploring additional suppliers, this type of corporate investigations will provide the opportunity to enter into new territory from a fully informed position. Of course, if red flags appear under scrutiny, you can side-step what would otherwise have been a disastrous undertaking—protecting your company’s integrity, and continuing unscathed toward better and brighter things.

Hiring a Corporate Investigator For Structured Intelligence Gathering

Licensed corporate intelligence firms have access to many of the same databases that are used by law enforcement. They are veterans at uncovering facts within the corporate sphere, and can draw together a far more detailed picture of the current state of play than your in-house team might. Within a world that increasingly sees data as currency, this unique skill set has become invaluable to all manner of organizations—and for many, keeping a corporate intelligence consultant on speed dial is simply prudent practice.
Going further, for companies large or small, hiring a corporate intelligence firm before committing to certain choices offers peace of mind in a different way, too. Crucially, it allows confidence that business dealings are conducted in a sound and compliant manner, and that the company’s hard-built reputation is never left vulnerable to risk. It is far better to reveal that all is not as it seems before placing a bad bet. At the end of the day, there are few greater assets than stable footing when about to take an all-important leap. If that warning places hiring a corporate intelligence firm freshly on your agenda, contact Lauth Investigations International today to find out which steps to take next.