Melbourne, April 26 (ANI): Social networking sites like Facebook are being used by private investigators to uncover false claims made to insurance companies.

International experts have revealed that the sites are ‘gold’ for identity thieves, reports Courier Mail.

They are perusing photos and comments made on the sites of claimants and witnesses to see if they tally with statements made to insurance companies.

In some cases investigators are uncovering photos showing people who claim to have injuries preventing them from working doing activities such as skiing.

But sites such as Facebook also have become a tool for investigators to uncover people doing undeclared jobs, to track down those who owe debts and uncover the shady past of job applicants.

Investigation firm MPOL Investigations Australia has an agent dedicated to searching the social networking sites.

Using a social networking site, the company discovered that a claimant who was suspected of having undeclared income did have a hidden part-time job.

While the Facebook site had a privacy block, the investigators were able to search an open “friend” site, which provided a clear link to their subject.

The investigation firm used photos on a social networking site to prove that people who claimed their home had been broken into were at home at the time, having a party.

Julia Robson, the company’s social networking specialist, said one person claiming to have a foot injury posted family pictures showing him playing soccer.

Craig Adams of Brisbane’s CA Investigations said information gleaned from social networking sites mostly was used to gauge how much people exaggerated their claims.

He said in one case a woman who claimed she had a psychological injury and could not socialise, posted Facebook photos of herself sitting in bars on Melbourne Cup Day. (ANI)