From missing loved ones to marriages gone wrong, there are a number of reasons why one should hire the services of a qualified private investigator. Don’t make the mistake of trying to do this work yourself! Here are the top five reasons on why a private investigator from your state:

1.) Avoid Danger. By putting yourself in the position one needs to be in to be a private investigator, you are exposed to grave danger. This is because you are unlikely to know how to master the art of surveillance or counter-surveillance – a sure way to get caught early in the investigation. Secondly, the subject you are following may realize your presence and may respond with violent behavior.

2.) Skill and Experience. It is likely that your skills will not match those of a good private investigator. Although the role may look quite easy on television, private investigation is a real art form that requires the utmost dedication and training. Private investigation is much more than simply following a car and taking photographs. Additionally, private investigators of today need to know how to: use overt and covert cameras to their ultimate advantage; install and download GPS tracking devices; use trace mail systems; use the Internet to obtain information; and most importantly, undertake threat assessments and risk management profiles. They also must think many steps ahead in regards to the investigation, and be versatile enough to not only change clothing and/or appearances during the course of surveillance, but also their vehicles.

3.) The Art of Investigation. The work involved with investigation is not simply asking a lot of questions. Although interviewing is a crucial skill for a private investigator in Connecticut and other private investigators to have, more importantly is the manner in which the private investigator asks these questions. For instance, a private investigator may use different probing techniques, or ask certain open-ended questions that will provide leads and answers. Several investigations of today require knowledge of forensic accounting, or, in other words, following a paper trail and discovering the stages of a fraudulent transaction.

Private investigation work also involves highly specialized and often expensive equipment.

4.) Knowing the Law. A professional private investigator is highly familiar with laws and abiding by them. He or she will know the proper way to gather evidence for possible court proceedings, and will never take the risk of losing evidence or disregarding court evidence rules. Police and properly registered private investigators are also the only people that are exempt and allowed to follow individuals and record their movements.

5.) Time and Evidence. As we can all imagine, the time it takes to do the work as a private investigator in Connecticut and other states is considerable. Private investigation is a full time job, and unless you are willing to devote that much time to it, it is very likely you would be able to adequately handle all of the obligations necessary for carrying out the investigation.

And even if you did spend an enormous amount of time on the project, you may come to find out that it was wasted if none of the evidence you gathered is admissible in court. The money you would then have to pay for an attorney could have been invested wisely into the services of a professional private investigator.