There are few skill sets more diverse than that of the legal attorney. Whatever their area of expertize, the dedicated attorney will leave no stone unturned and no legal strategy unexplored in the name of achieving the best possible outcome for their clients. However, when case complexity escalates, assets cross state lines, or witnesses fall off the grid, there is another broadly-skilled professional to which the attorney can turn—the private investigator, professionals who can be particularly valueable as a legal investigator, or a corporate investigator.

Diligent Legal Investigations Win Cases

Private investigators often lighten the load of attorneys and their staff by simply adding another set of eyes, ears, and hands to their usual duties. Highly skilled at tugging on relevant strings of information and spotting patterns or inconsistencies, a private investigator is an ideal ally when documents, filings, and data must be sourced, compiled, and analyzed in order to build an air-tight case.

Of course, there are also avenues open to a private investigator through which even the best attorney would be unable to follow. Licensed investigators can harness surveillance tools in order to track those who don’t want to be tracked or find those who wish to remain hidden. They can conduct computer forensics and unearth incriminating digital footprints, delve into the same databases as law enforcement agencies, and follow leads across state lines.

When it comes to mounting legal investigations in cases of fraud and white collar crime, there is no better collaborator than a specialist corporate investigator. Adept at uncovering illegal activity in the workplace, they will be able to meticulously and strategically comb through an organization’s operational history and practices in order to bring evidence of wrongdoing to light.

Building a case often means drawing together puzzle pieces that are broadly spread. Providing a boost of gravitational pull to that effort, a private investigator can take on demanding tasks such as locating, verifying and interviewing potential witnesses. They can unearth concealed financial assets or gather fresh evidence to confirm or refute claims—and they can do these things while drawing from a resource pool that extends beyond those available to any attorney’s office.

Legal Investigations and Key Litigation Support

Crucially, a private investigator—seasoned both in supporting attorneys and helping companies or individuals gather evidence that will stand up in court—is the perfect ally when the time comes to develop a defense strategy.

Just as a corporate investigator knows their way around lifting the curtain on workplace criminality, a specialist in legal investigations will understand how to provide impactive support for sound legal standing. This may mean analyzing the evolving strategies for holes or vulnerabilities, examining and cross examining the defense in preparation, or aiding in jury pool assessment while helping to safeguard the client’s right to a fair trial.

From standard paper pushing to deep-dive evidence gathering; from surveillance to litigation support: a well-versed private investigator is an asset that every attorney should have in their toolkit. Here at Lauth Investigations International, we are proud to provide tailored attorney and legal services, conducted by highly skilled and legally fluent investigators.

Whether uncovering debtor assets, supporting criminal defense cases, or gathering powerful evidence of harassment or discrimination, we know what goes into building a legal strategy that is iron-clad. Discover more about this specialized branch of the investigative work that we do or contact our team today to discuss how we can help you win your next case.