I wonder, does your human resources director or CEO have a private investigator on their speed-dial list?

If the answer is no, then you may be missing a trick. Because today, the private investigator has become an indispensable asset in ensuring the smooth functioning of many American businesses. Often this journey begins during the company’s very inception, as investigators are tasked with gathering relevant corporate intelligence and carrying out due diligence assessments of those who will fill key roles or be granted pivotal partnerships.

As the business grows and evolves, the human resources director knows that they can turn to a private investigator for crucial candidate background checks and internal investigations, while leadership may lean on their skill set whenever a legal dispute or security concern arises.

In fact, contemporary businesses are increasingly turning to corporate investigators for preventative solutions to problems ranging from employee theft to white collar crime, and from intellectual property theft to eroded corporate culture. In essence, a private investigator well seasoned within the corporate sphere is an ideal ally—impartial, diligent, and goal-oriented—in the effort to get things done right.

Turning To a Private Investigator For Corporate Intelligence Gathering

Within the contemporary corporate world, information is currency. Getting the lowdown on your competitors and knowing what’s about to move within your market area can be make or break, so why not turn to a professional dedicated to uncovering the facts?

Not only are private investigators armed with a myriad of resources that allow them to take corporate intelligence gathering far further than your internal team would be able to, but they also give total peace of mind that information seeking is carried out in a legally compliant and ethically sound manner.

Your trusted private investigator comes with the skill set needed to gather information about the strategies of the movers and shakers within your field. They can carry out detailed market analyses and assess the strengths and weaknesses of both your competitors and potential collaborators. Finally, they are also well versed in identifying market risks, as well as uncovering concealed crime such as fraud, theft, or embezzlement—whether it’s happening under your roof, or someone else’s on your radar.

Why Conduct a Corporate Intelligence Investigation

There is a myriad of reasons why information gathering may be called for, but at a few certain junctures, this important step should be considered vital. Whenever a company is poised to expand—whether domestically or internationally—corporate intelligence is not only poignant; it is indispensable. Is the perceived market niche as open as you think it is? Might another party be about to sweep in and steal your thunder? When armed with the answers, you can decide whether to leap or pivot.

Equally, when a business venture on the table poses significant financial or reputational risk, a timely investigation can help you avoid costly missteps. Periodic assessments of whether competitors are following similar avenues, jumping ahead, or even stealing your ideas can allow contemporary brands to safeguard their hard-earned reputations and crucially, their bottom lines.

Nothing fuels innovation like healthy competition—and in order to be competitive, it is vital to know where both rivals and partners are positioned on the board. In this sense, the private investigator can serve as a lens that casts focus on crucial information, and a cog that keeps your company in efficient motion.
When it comes to making sound decisions about the strategies that will win you the game, few professional relationships offer greater reward. If you are ready to learn more about the potential value of corporate investigations for your business or organization, contact Lauth Investigations International today.