Imagine a home—an attractive and decadent home—within which every visible surface is neat and tidy. However, if you lift the rug or look under the furniture, what you discover is festering. Mold, pests, and grime have taken hold, because nobody thought to look further than surface-deep. This kind of neglect might seem shocking, but a surprising number of business owners take the very same attitude to their most precious asset.

Forging a thriving, profitable company is a noble endeavor indeed, and one that takes substantial time and investment. If you are the person at the helm—or perhaps the CEO or human resources director of a well-respected company—ask yourself: How much do you really know about what lies under the carpet?

As the corporate specialists here at Lauth Investigations aid ambitious businesses through our innovative Corporate Culture Audits, we often find that even the most alert entrepreneur or HR professional can be stunned by our findings. In reality, this is hardly surprising. It’s impossible to know what goes on behind every closed office door or what staff get up to when leadership aren’t around. That certainly begs the question, what does a deep-clean entail?

Counting the Costs When Your Business is an Unclean House

When bad agents run amok within a business, soon enough its corporate culture, team morale, productivity, and profitability will inevitably begin to bottom out, and a human resources director should be on alert. This kind of under-the-surface crisis can begin with workplace harassment, time-theft, the stealing of company property, data theft, malingering, and many more examples. If detected, stand-alone instances may be met with corporate investigations, which may or may not reveal culprits. However, when such actions go unnoticed, the risks become ever greater.

A single bad apple can soon initiate a rot that travels barrel-wide. One team member getting away with FMLA abuse or raiding the supplies closet may embolden others to follow suit. Meanwhile, honest employees can find themselves within a toxic work environment that saps them of their drive and focus. High turnover can follow—as your brightest talent moves on to greener pastures. This picture is bleak, no doubt; so how can you reveal what cannot be seen?

Knowing When to Take Action

Whenever warning signs appear—whether they are a fall in profits, a rise in departure notices, a trickle of complaints, or a spate of small inventory losses—action should be taken immediately. Armed with the knowledge that what festers can spread, not only should corporate investigations be launched, but a more comprehensive insight must be uncovered.

In order to glean that all-seeing view, there can be no better tactic than turning to a specialist corporate investigations service. Lauth Investigations is home to the innovative Corporate Culture Audit—a health-check for businesses that is diligently tailored to shed full illumination upon every corner of your company’s operations and culture. We examine aspects such as of communication, cohesion, structure, atmosphere, and engagement—uncovering grimy problem areas along the way.
With the spotlight turned up, we next compose a measurable and tangible strategy that will help you transform your business, leaving those hidden surfaces exposed, and providing a deep-clean that will not disappoint. Take the initiative and contact Lauth Investigations today. By stepping ahead of hidden threats, you can ensure that your business is able to shine at its full potential.