Private investigator Casey Anthony?

2020 is already going down in the history books as one of the strangest and most devastating on record. On New Year’s Eve, as most of the world looks forward to bidding this awful year goodbye, many are waking up to bizarre news of Casey Anthony having filed paperwork to open a private investigation firm in Florida. Under Anthony’s name, the company will be called Case Research & Consulting Services LLC. Florida private investigators and Floridians alike are stunned by the news, reaping the tragic irony of a woman with Anthony’s backstory working in search of truth. The idea of “private investigator Casey Anthony” is garnering mixed reactions, from the mystified to the enraged.

It’s hard to find a person in the United States who is not aware of Casey Anthony. The entire nation was outraged when she was acquitted by a Florida court in the 2008 death of her two year-old daughter, Caylee. The case received a figurative flood of media coverage, with the public obsessing over the story. When the family realized the daughter was missing, Anthony led Florida investigators on a wild goose chase involving a story about a nanny who refused to return the child to her family. Despite a strong case against her, a Florida jury acquitted her in 2011. Following her acquittal, Anthony disappeared from public life. She started a photography studio that closed in 2018. She told the media around that time that she had recently begun working for Patrick McKenna, the lead investigator on her defense team who was also on the defense team for O.J. Simpson. She had begun doing some online investigation work, such as social media investigations for McKenna’s firm. An address associated with McKenna is listed as Case Research and Consulting Services’ business address.

This move has arched eyebrows throughout the nation, as many cannot forget the alleged lurid details of how Anthony’s defense team operated during the trial. Private intelligence and private investigations are operations that demand a high level of integrity on behalf of the investigator—a quality that no one would immediately associate with Anthony. When she was released from prison on lesser charges associated with the case, there was a steady stream of bizarre details about the defense that continued to mystify followers of the case. Following her acquittal, another private investigator on her defense team, Dominic Casey, said in an affidavit that on more than one occasion, he observed non-ethical behavior between Anthony and her attorney, Jose Baez. He visited Baez’s offices outside of business hours and was shocked to find Anthony there so late, and observed her running naked through the hallways of the offices. He told the media that she was sleeping with Baez in order to cover her attorney’s fees. Dominic Casey also reported that after he was hired, Baez told him that Casey had told him that she had in fact murdered Caylee, and Baez instructed Dominic Casey to find the body before someone else does, according to the affidavit. These are the allegations of one Florida private investigator against a celebrity defense attorney, but like the photography studio, it’s possible that this is another endeavor for Casey Anthony that will eventually fizzle out.