As companies continue to compete in a highly competitive global market, many choose to expand their businesses overseas in order to increase production and cut costs. These opportunities are major commitments and can end poorly if the right type of information isn’t collected. Before any contract is signed, companies need to know everything they can about a potential business opportunity. Factors such as a corporation’s past performance, suppliers, finances, and clients can all have a hand in the outcome of a business transaction. Lauth Investigations specializes in conducting corporate due diligence investigations that will detect these liabilities and ensure a beneficial investment for your company.

When Should a Company Conduct a Due Diligence Investigation?

A company should begin collecting data after a possible transaction with another institution has been established. However, an investigation should occur prior to the signing of binding contracts. The types of deals that require a due diligence investigation may include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Oversea Expansions
  • Business Partnerships
  • Large Investment Opportunities

Corporate investigations are especially valuable to industrial and manufacturing corporations who are looking to expand their operations internationally. A 2013 CFO Research Survey found that 83% of companies consider overseas expansion a top priority. By conducting an inspection of potential clients and partners, these companies can prevent future lawsuits and unexpected costs. During negotiations, a thorough business investigation can also lower the price by disproving unfounded claims made by a corporation.

What Does a Due Diligence Investigation Look For?

Corporate intelligence plays a heavy role in due diligence investigations. It not only involves the gathering of information about a corporation, but the analysis of that data as well. Lauth Investigations will uncover intelligence about:

  • Business Reputations
  • Financial History
  • Litigation and Disputes
  • Past Investments
  • Bank Accounts
  • Public Records
  • Hidden Assets
  • Past and Current Employees

A variety of techniques are employed when detecting the liabilities that may exist within a corporation. These techniques may involve surveillance, financial investigations, interviews, and background checks. Lauth Investigations is dedicated to acquiring every piece of information necessary for conducting a thorough background check on a business.

Why Choose Lauth Investigations?

Lauth Investigations has private investigators established in three prime locations: Indianapolis, IN, Denver, CO, and Tampa, FL. According to a report done by the National Association of Manufacturers, these states have a total of 32,361 manufacturing establishments. Out of these three states, Indiana came in first, with its manufacturing accounting for 98.5% of its exports. Many of the companies with establishments in these states, like Bausch & Lomb or Adidas Group, rely on international ties. Others are considering the possibility of mergers and acquisitions with corporations worldwide.

Recognizing the need for a due diligence investigation is the first step in carrying out a successful business transaction. The second step is choosing an investigator that can detect and analyze the risks that others may overlook. With 20 years of experience, Lauth Investigations can work with your company to determine what services and investigations will best suit your needs.