What’s the best way to get your team to thrive and drive profits? According to 94% of entrepreneurs, when it comes to achieving success, establishing a healthy culture at work is vital. Employees should feel comfortable, confident, and psychologically safe in order to do their best work. However, bullying and violence in the workplace are at epidemic proportions in America. Could it be happening among your employees too?

Back in 1998, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management acknowledged bullying as a form of workplace violence. So, whether we’re talking about attacks that are physical or purely psychological in nature, it is clear that preventing workplace bullying and violence is a core duty for every organization.

Despite this shift in perception, research reveals that 79% of working professionals have indirectly experienced or witnessed bullying or worse at work. The associated emotional and physical toll plays out across the lives of those involved and the bottom lines of the businesses dropping the ball. So, what can you do to stop violence and bullying in the workplace in its tracks? An expert corporate investigator is an ideal collaborator to stamp out these issues at their root and restore corporate culture to its destined strength and capability.

Leveraging Workplace Investigations to Prevent Bullying and Violence

The risk of workplace bullying, assault, and other forms of violence can be minimized when employers take precautions. One of the best places to start is in raising general awareness and establishing a zero-tolerance policy. Did you know that 55% of human resources professionals do not know if their organization has a workplace violence prevention program? If your HR department could be nestled within that statistic, then it’s time to take action.

For companies where corporate culture has eroded and unacceptable patterns of behavior have become ingrained, sometimes setting new policy and even scheduling team members for related training can be insufficient to fully course-correct. In these instances, enlisting the help of a specialized corporate investigator can provide just the jolt required to finally turn the page on workplace bullying and violence.

A corporate investigations company can offer an array of preventative and reactionary approaches, allowing you to not only win the battle on violence in the workplace, but win the war too. These include:

Together, these resources can be used to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities to shift the status quo onto permanently higher ground.

Why Invest In Workplace Bullying and Violence Prevention?

The cost to pursue these kinds of prevention tactics may seem prohibitive, but research indicates that for every dollar a company invests in safety, they save somewhere between $3 to $5. After all, the financial drain that all forms of workplace violence represent for companies like yours include not only the untold losses in team productivity and staff turnover but also the potential for legal fees and even fines if a portion of culpability should ever land on your doorstep. 

In contrast, a safe and secure workplace with a synergistic team dynamic is one that will inevitably push profits to their potential while attracting the best future talent. These kinds of rewards are priceless. 
So there’s no reason to hesitate when it comes to designing a thoughtful workplace violence prevention program and drawing upon the resources required to implement it. If that means outside help is the best choice for your business, then the corporate team here at Lauth Investigations International is ready to provide the tailored support that you require. Reach out to us today to find out more.