If you’re at the helm of a successful construction company, then it’s safe to say that you are a master of juggling risk and balancing complex budgets. In fact, you’re currently expanding, and its time to recruit a new foreman. Sure, you might have a great gut when it comes to reading people and sussing out the credentials that you’re looking for, but what if the person you hire is intentionally out to deceive? Employee background checks are designed to protect companies just like yours, and the reasons are numerous for running a background check on your foreman candidate. In fact, this is a corner you can’t afford to cut.

The Role of a Foreman: Placed In a Pivotal Position of Trust

How important is trust going to be for this hire? Well, consider the many facets of a construction foreman’s role. The individual in question is likely going to take on project management, coordinate schedules with payroll, monitor crew attendance, take responsibility for safety compliance, order and allocate materials, oversee machinery and equipment, deal directly with customers, submit and monitor expenditures, and make sure the budget always adds up—and that’s the simplified list.

Of every individual who works for your construction company, the foreman has the greatest diversity of means to do major damage. Still not convinced? If you need further warning, consider the reality that construction fraud alone amasses a global price tag in the realm of $860 billion annually. Even worse, crimes such as billing fraud, bid rigging, substituting of materials, and employee harassment or discrimination can happen right under your nose, bringing the authorities directly to your doorstep. In such a scenario, liability is a serious prospect. So, when the time comes to hire a new foreman, make sure that your chosen candidate has been fully vetted, and that your interests are truly in safe hands.

Find Peace of Mind With Employee Background Checks From Lauth Investigations

If you think that your HR department are equipped to carry out the background check for such a vital position, you might want to think again. Why? Because not all background checks are created equal, and the kind of due diligence required for such a multifaceted role calls for a specialist skill set. A dedicated corporate investigation firm will be able to conduct background checks that incorporate a deep-dive screening of employment history, financial records, credit reports, and criminality. Leveraging access to the kinds of restricted databases used by law enforcement agencies, they will be able to trace your foreman candidate’s track record—even if it crosses state or international borders.
It may feel heavy handed to conduct such a cautious vetting process, but the reality is that background checks can save an employer thousands or even millions over the years. This preventative practice protects against escalating employee turnover, theft, white collar crime, and the myriad of devastating impacts to both morale and profit margins that can follow a disastrous hire. In contrast, a bad recruitment decision can lead not only preventable losses, but also the perils of discrimination litigation. While it’s true that a corporate investigator will be an ally indeed should any of these uglier situations arise, you can pre-emptively mitigate the risk today with our industry-tailored employee background checks. Learn more about this process, or contact our team today for impartial and no-obligation advice.