For any devoted parent or guardian, few things are more gut wrenching than entering into a child custody battle. Whether rooted in divorce or a conflict between caregivers, emotions are sure to run high—and even the most well-intended adults can see the children they want to protect cast adrift within the harsh current of child custody proceedings.

Between the court system, lawyers, and child services, parents or guardians are often left feeling that their voices aren’t being heard. This is because—unless a crime such as neglect or abuse draws law enforcement into the picture—conclusions are often based solely upon a he-said she-said slinging match, with opposing council potentially trying to paint testimony as false or even malicious.

So how can a parent protect themselves? Well, here at the offices of Indianapolis-based Lauth Investigations, we take great pride in operating a family-run private investigations firm—and by extension in providing the type of child custody investigations Indiana residents both require and deserve. If you are facing a fight for child custody and need assistance in safeguarding your children’s well-being, a dedicated child custody investigator from our team is ready to help you paint an honest and credible picture of the co-parent or guardian in question, so that the court can make a decision that is both fair and just.

What Do Private Investigators Look For In a Child Custody Case?

When using a private investigator for child custody, there are many forms that their role might take. You may turn to a private investigator for child support investigation, asking them to paint a clear picture of the opposing party’s assets. A child custody private investigator may set about gathering evidence to argue in court for sole or joint custody, helping you to establish physical and legal custody or negotiate visitation rights.

To the question, “What does a child investigator look for?”, the answer is varied indeed. Sadly, it is often the case that one of the parental or guardian parties stays on best behavior when in front of those who might influence the outcome of a child custody case, but quickly revert to less favorable behavior when they believe eyes are no longer on them. So, how do you prove a parent unfit? In these instances, a child custody investigator may conduct high-tech and discreet surveillance in order to document the reality of the situation for the courts.

The Comfort Of Hiring a Private Investigator For Child Custody 

Crucially, a trusted child custody private investigator will be able to advise the concerned parent or guardian on the options that are available to them—asking the right child custody investigation questions and ensuring that no counterproductive missteps are made. For example, in a partial child custody investigation, it may be essential that the investigator to stay strictly within the scope of seeking information requested by the court. In this sense, the presence of a level-headed and objective investigator can be invaluable to a parent or guardian riding the emotional roller coaster of such a challenging process. Family law private investigators are not only instrumental in case building, but can also be a great source of stability until you have successfully weathered the storm..

Here at Lauth Investigations International, we are dedicated to providing exactly the family law-specialized child custody investigator Indianapolis and Indiana parents need to have in their corner. We will listen to your story with compassion, and help you partner with the right collaborator, giving you confidence that the necessary parent investigation or guardian investigation to come will illuminate the truth, so that justice can be served. Don’t navigate child custody proceedings alone—learn more about our child custody investigation services today, and contact us as soon as you’re ready for immediate guidance and a no-obligation quote.