When the scope of an heir search crosses international borders, finding the right collaborator becomes key. Ultimately, you need an heir search expert who can deftly navigate a diversity of legal jurisdictions on your behalf and draw together the caliber of documented facts that will ultimately be accepted in a court of law. So who should you speak to? Let’s break down the ins and outs of finding the right genealogist or investigator for resolving international estate matters.

What Are the Qualities To Look For in an Heir Search Expert?

Due to an unfortunate lack of concrete standards laid out for those who can claim to be a professional genealogist in the United States, finding the right support to navigate international estate matters can be something of a minefield. Making the issue all the more complicated is that, when probate is opened and filed with the court, the details of an estate enter the public record. So, bereaved families and those serving them may well find themselves fielding vying candidates.

Particularly in the case of international estate matters, it is crucial to choose the right genealogist or investigator to assist. Not only should they be fully credentialed and forthcoming about their pricing and processes, but they should also offer the robust resources required to handle a broad investigation efficiently. This should include a weight of experience in conducting searches overseas, including the capacity to carry out vital record searches and the connections to obtain key records internationally.

For multi-faceted international estate matters, is it wise to identify an heir search expert within a company that affords them the support of multilingual research staff and investigators ready to go boots-on-the-ground abroad where necessary. Crucially, an under-qualified genealogist, while seemingly an enthusiastic option at first glance, can lead you down a road of time wasted, poor communication, and lacking results. Of course, the final puzzle-piece in identifying the right heir search expert is court-related experience. Don’t forget that they must be able to document and evidence their findings to a legally sound standard and may be called upon to testify to that effect.

Turn to an Heir Search Expert From Lauth Investigations International

Lauth Investigations International is a sizable multi-disciplinary firm that takes great pride in an exemplary 30-year track record for uncovering truth and serving clients in complex, multi-jurisdictional cases. Because—in addition to providing heir search services—we also specialize in locating missing persons, asset fact-finding, conducting corporate investigations,and much more, we are uniquely positioned to draw from countless resource pools in the name of setting international estate matters.

Our heir search expert services span locating missing, unknown, or estranged parties for notice of fund distribution in probate or intestacy matters. We can aid in the determination of beneficiaries abroad ahead of trust termination, reconstruct family trees, and provide expert witness testimony in court. In certain instances, we also pick up where a lesser-skilled genealogist has left off, verifying and completing third-party searches to bring them to a swift and rightful conclusion. 

Whatever your heir search needs, we invite you to discover a trusted collaborator and a team capable of seeing international estate matters through to successful closure. Connecting with an heir search expert from Lauth International Investigations comes with no obligation and can help you shed light on the best way to proceed. Why not learn more about our comprehensive Heir Search Service, or reach out to our team today for tailored advice?