death investigation

When faced with thoughts of the loss of a loved one, we’d all hope that their cause of death would be fully understood and investigated if the need ever arose. It is the role of the Coroner or Medical Examiner’s office—and potentially law enforcement, too—to uncover the facts when the manner of a death is not immediately apparent. But what can the bereaved do if their gut tells them that the facts haven’t been illuminated? In these unwelcome situations, a suspicious death investigator can be the ally required to turn the search lights back on, and reveal what remains unseen.

A death investigation is a vital process, because what appears to be apparent suicide may in fact be a natural death, and what appears to be unsuspicious may actually be criminal. For those left behind, a lingering question mark can be a brutal burden to bear. Survivors can raise and pursue their concerns with the authorities and will hopefully get authentic answers quickly, but a private investigator with extensive experience in conducting death investigations provides opportunity for those who feel powerless to reclaim some control over the journey of loss.

The Navigation of a Death Investigation

When someone dies under suspicious or simply obscure circumstances, it’s vital to know that the jurisdiction of the coroner begins before they are even alerted. It is essential that concerned parties engage in following the letter of the law—as knowingly failing to notify the coroner or enforcement agency of a death that later warrants an investigation is a punishable infraction. However, while those tasked with the investigation carry out their work, turning to other sources of support and initiating an independent suspicious death investigation is a ready option to anyone feeling let down by the usual channels.

All too often, misidentified or unresolved cases of accident, wrongful death, suicide, or homicide are left languishing in a pile of papers as family and friends remain stuck in limbo. When the coroner’s verdict doesn’t sit right or the police fall short on the resources necessary to find the truths you seek, it is reassuring to know that a private investigator’s duty is to you above all else—they only stop digging when you tell them to, and they’ll enlist every investigative resource in their toolkit to uncover new leads and gather fresh evidence.

How a Private Investigator Takes Action in a Death Investigation

The role of a private investigator and the police in the case of suspicious death investigations is different in some ways, however in others it is very much aligned. Licenced private investigators have access to many of the same resources and information databases that law enforcement do. Meanwhile, in certain instances, their capacity extends further—as they follow trails of evidence over state lines where police jurisdiction might end, or continue to comb for leads when the authorities’ resources would be pulled towards other cases.

At times, private investigators may work alongside or collaborate with the authorities, doubling down on the effort to bring the facts to light. At others, they pick up where a traditional investigation left off, ensuring that loved ones achieve the sense of justice and truth that they deserve. Armed with forensic skills, surveillance tools, honed interpersonal expertise, and the capacity to perform background checks—among an array of other resources—the PI often finds crucial threads to pull upon that the coroner or police missed. 

Suspicious death investigators from Lauth Investigations International draw on more than 30 years experience in a broad array of investigatory capacities, including finding missing persons, resolving unsolved homicides, and revealing concealed crimes. We understand fully the impact that these types of cases can have on those whose life they touch, and approach every case with compassion and dedication.
If your instincts are telling you that all is not right and you would like assistance in a death investigation, our impassioned team of private investigators is here to help. You can connect with us at any time for a no-obligation consultation, so reach out today and discover more about how we can serve you in this difficult time.