For those of us engaged in the niche sphere of delivering corporate culture audits, it came as no surprise when Forbes announced 2022 as the year of workplace culture. Why? Because businesses everywhere are either reeling from recent challenges or learning how to thrive right on through them—and a huge part of the latter is learning how to manifest an enviable and robust culture in the workplace.

Yes, culture plays a powerful role in the performance and overall health of any business. When a workplace is fused with focused energy, cohesion, and intent, mountains can be moved and profits accumulated. Of course, all of that great intention needs to be aligned with the organizations overall goals if it is to pay off. An audit can be a super-charging resource to get all your ducks in a row, but what is a corporate culture audit exactly, and what does the corporate culture audit process involve? Today, we’ll answer all these questions and more.

What Is a Corporate Culture Audit?

A corporate culture audit is a comprehensive examination of an organization’s operations, ethos, and morale. The goal in compiling all of this information is to establish a clear understanding of how current culture is helping or hindering, and how to move the needle towards greater growth and prosperity in the long run. At times, a corporate culture audit may be a reaction to red flag signals such as high employee turnover, poor performance, complaints, workplace theft, and other types of corporate investigation-worthy occurences.

In other instances, the corporate culture audit can be employed as a proactive, preventative, and enhancing tool, allowing companies to avoid the emergence of problematic cultural trends while continuing to elevate both culture and achievement along the way. 

Those contracted to perform the audit will look at factors such as leadership and communication styles, workplace environment, recruitment practices, employee behaviors, brand ethos alignment, and historic company culture. Armed with this information, they will then identify culture flaws, conflicts between the organization’s goals and status quo, opportunities to improve governance, and how culture compares with that of the competition.

Choosing the Right Auditor

Thanks to the trend for corporate culture health checks, there are countless companies popping up to advertise this service across the United States. But, it is important to consider the skillset required to make these detailed assessments and the range of expertize that each candidate will—or wont—be able to bring to the table. 

For example, by pairing with a corporate culture investigator from Lauth Investigations International, you will know not only that underlying problems and actionable solutions will be identified in relation to culture. In addition, you can leverage our knowledge in areas of threat and security. If a culture audit uncovers a spate of employee thefts or questionable asset handling, we can pursue the matter until the facts are brought to light. We can also illuminate holes in your litigation-readiness strategy so that your legal standing can step up onto par alongside your corporate culture aspirations.

We also offer different tiers of corporate culture audit that can be scaled and tailored for a diversity of business sizes and industry fields. At the introductory level, we will evaluate internal processes and interview relevant personnel, as well as surveying intra-corporate platforms of communication and brick-and-mortar sites before reporting our findings to you. If threats are identified, we can move forward to a corporate investigation so that you can take action on any malignant factors that may be wreaking havoc within your organization. 
Finally, we can provide detailed security training and assessments, ranging from digital forensics checkups to active shooter training. Whatever resources are required to empower your employees toward success, the Lauth Investigations team are equipped to assist. If you’d like to learn more about our expertize in this field, discover our corporate culture audits information page, or connect with us today for a no-obligation consultation.