When most people think about private investigators, they might imagine a shadow at the window as a cheating spouse is photographed in the act—the movies have a lot to answer for! However, in reality, the breadth of skills and specialties harnessed by investigators every day in America touches just about every area of modern life, including corproate and white-collar crime. Private investigators help individual citizens and businesses alike as they strive to safeguard wellbeing, assets, and integrity.

Among these professional truth-seekers, corporate investigators act within the niche of aiding organizations and businesses of every scale—providing services ranging from tackling corporate theft, to uncovering white-collar crime. Diligent lead development and fact-finding, complemented by resources such as high-tech surveillance equipment, expert training, and licensed access to verified databases, allow private investigators to help corporations sail through rocky waters unscathed.

What’s the Difference Between White-Collar Crime and Corporate Crime?

Before we go into what specialist corporate investigations bring to the table, it can help to get some of the key terminologies down. Many clients ask us about white collar crime vs corporate crime, wanting to understand the difference. The distinction is an important one, not least because knowing which you’re dealing with can help you understand how hot the water may be about to become.

White collar crime is a term that describes a range of crimes in a corporate setting, undertaken by a nefarious actor whose goal is personal gain. These might include fraud, espionage, corporate data theft, bribery, and many more. A white collar criminal will line their own pockets at the cost of their employers and clients, getting away with murder until corporate investigations bring them to justice.

In contrast, corporate crime—which some might class as a form of white collar crime—may seem somehow less insidious, but can leave a business in far greater peril. Corporate crime usually sees an employee acting illegally within their professional role. While their actions may be similar to those of the white collar criminal, ill-gotten gains land in the accounts of the business, and so it is far more likely that the corporate entity itself will be held accountable, and particularly so if they fail to act upon the first sign of suspicion.

Calling Upon a Private Investigator For Swift and Impartial Resolution

Where other types of corporate investigation may be handled internally, recruiting external support can be vital for any inquiry that may later fall under the magnifier of legal scrutiny. An independent private investigator will ensure the integrity of any investigative operation, protecting your business from potentially disastrous calls of unfair dismissal or—even more dangerously—accusations of an intentional crime or cover-up.

The role of private investigators in the workplace can sometimes be reactive, moving decisively to get to the bottom of an unfolding crisis. However, at other times, their services will come in the form of assessing the current risk landscape, and helping businesses build forwards with stronger corporate culture, better security, and a firmer footing for commercial success.

Investing In a Corporate Culture Audit Before Alarm Bells Ring

Thanks to contemporary corporate investigations services, organizations don’t need to wait for the cracks to show before taking action. A private investigator can be brought on board as a proactive measure, carrying out a business-wide audit that assesses the health of corporate culture—either giving you the peace of mind that everyone’s on board, or lighting the way towards making it so.

A skilled corporate-focused private investigator will also be able to provide in-depth security risk assessments, both in terms of physical space and data integrity. Within a world that sadly sees workplace violence on the rise, investment in a violence and threat assessment can provide for the safety of your employees, while in-depth background checks can help you ensure that prospective employees are exactly as they appear to be.

When it comes to the wellbeing of any corporation, it’s never too early to implement meaningful strategies that guard against potential threat. From petty time theft and misconduct through to far-reaching white-collar crime and corporate crime, mitigation is always a far friendlier option than dealing with the fallout. In this area, Lauth Investigations is proud to offer a spectrum of supportive corporate investigation services. Of course, if the worst happens, our team of dedicated investigators are ever-ready to quickly build evidence and support your businesses in court. As specialists in corporate security and investigations, trust us to be your eyes in the workplace and your allies on the ground. Contact us today to find out more.