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Lauth Investigations International is dedicated to providing families with answers in the unsolved homicide or death of their missing loved one. An unsolved murder is not just the absence of justice for the victim but also the absence of closure for the family of the victim. Such a violent incident leaves families reeling and desperate for answers from police. Even the most competent police departments hit a wall in unsolved homicide case. Witnesses disappear, evidence is mishandled, or the trail just goes cold, and the victim is forgotten. The case sits on a shelf, collecting dust in the police’s cold case unit.

When police hit a wall in a death investigation or unsolved homicide, a new perspective is necessary. Getting an independent set of eyes on your unsolved homicide case can mean generation of new leads in unsolved homicide investigations—just like the objective eye of a private investigator. We work closely with the family of the victim, providing regular updates and insight into their case.

Statistic: According to the FBI, only 45% of violent
crimes lead to arrest and prosecution.

How Lauth can help you with your child custody crisis.

Background Checks

e a comprehensive background report on the relevant Subjects in the case. Lauth’s investigators are trained to view a person’s criminal, financial, address, and litigation history to identify significant risk factors and provide important context to an unsolved homicide through open-source intelligence.

Evidence gathering

Through crime scene analysis, geosocial surveillance, and thorough documentation, investigators will leave no stone unturned during a homicide investigation.


With the help of verified databases, Lauth’s skip-trace services allow investigators to locate Subjects and relevant parties in any unsolved homicide investigation.

Witness Location

Our investigators are trained in canvassing relevant areas in any investigation. Our investigators interview established witnesses, find new witnesses, and identify the human sources who can be valuable sources of intelligence.

Collaboration with law enforcement

Lauth investigators develop professional rapport with authorities to better investigate your case. From reviewing case reports to interviewing former investigators, Lauth is dedicated to diversifying our investigations for the benefit of our clients.

Missing person investigations

Even if your missing loved one has been presumed deceased by law enforcement, there is still hope for answers. Our CEO, Thomas Lauth, is one of the nation’s foremost experts in missing children and adults, and under his leadership, our investigators are dedicated to bringing some form of closure to the families of missing persons. For more information, please visit our Missing Persons site.

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