When you’re about to enter a new business relationship—especially when acquiring a new business partner—it’s imperative to have the full picture when making that decision. However, there can be a myriad of factors that may affect a business relationship that have nothing to do with the business itself, such as problems with substance abuse, compulsive gambling, or a history of violence. Before signing a new partner into the business, the most prudent business owners will invest in a background check for executives to ensure they’re acquiring the best candidate available.

Many business owners may first turn to the internet for a background check for executives, because it is the path of least resistance in a complex corporate world. The internet boasts of dozens of “free” background check sites where reports can be generated on individuals sometimes based on a single piece of information. These types of sites can be very deceiving, not only because most of these sites require that you pay for the full report, but the full report itself can also be extremely lacking in information and in accuracy of the information. The truth is that legitimate background checks cannot be conducted by private citizens. Professional, comprehensive background checks can only be conducted through verified databases that require special license to use. One type of professional licensed to use these databases is a private investigator.

Private investigators, via their licensure through the state, can have access to informational databases that are on par with those used by law enforcement. These databases can give private investigators a cornucopia of facts on a single individual—name, address, phone number, email address, social media, criminal history, litigation history, and in some cases, even other members of their family. Even if a private citizen were able to access these verified databases, the dearth of information that becomes available could be overwhelming and even nonsensical. That’s why having the expertise of a private investigator is so important.

Private investigators have the diverse tools and experience to look at an individual’s background and properly contextualize certain patterns or events. For example, if a subject has a long address history with multiple addresses within a single year, a private investigator may conclude that this is indicative of a history of transience in their private lives. Business owners who are running a background check on executives may decide that this history of transience translates to a lack of accountability and responsibility in the corporate world.

When you’re vetting a new business partner to bring into your corporate sphere, make the investment of a background check for executives. Protect your business by making sure you get the full picture on a prospective partner. If you need a background check for an executive, call Lauth today for a free quote on our background check services. Call 317-951-1100 today or visit us online at www.lauthinveststg.wpengine.com.