How To Know It’s Time To Hire a Private Investigator


Private Investigators are commonly requested when a person or company does not know where else to turn. Whether its an individual working with the police to solve a crime or a company working with an attorney in a case, private investigators are there when other professionals have run into a dead end or cannot help the situation. Private investigators are useful because they provide people in difficult situations with the knowledge they need to make the right decisions. This is why an essential step in having a successful outcome with a private investigator is not waiting too late to call. No matter what the industry or situation, knowledge is power; and the sooner you have the information you need, the better chance you have at a good outcome. If you are currently in a situation where you are considering using a private investigator, here are a few signs that it is time to take action and make the call. 


  1. You are looking for someone (private) – As soon as you need to find someone, whether it is an heir in a probate case, a missing person, or a spouse that is acting suspiciously, call a private investigator. Trying to investigate someone’s whereabouts yourself can be everything from frustrating to dangerous. While relying on the police is a good option, hiring a private investigator to work alongside the police tends to result in faster information and better outcomes. Private investigators have the tools and technology to track down people who do not want to be found, and to uncover the necessary information to find them.
  2. You suspect a future crime (private or corporate)- Police can only investigate crimes that haven’t taken place to a very limited extent. If you suspect that an employee, a neighbor, or a business partner may be planning to commit a crime, call a private investigator. He or she will be able to investigate the suspected crime before it is committed and save you the heartache of dealing with it after the fact. Not only that, but since situations related to crime are inherently dangerous, we always recommend consulting a professional and not investigating alone.
  3. You are in a legal dispute (private or corporate)- With very few exceptions, all legal disputes can seriously benefit from hiring a private investigator. Everything from tracking down witnesses to finding leverage on opposing counsel falls under the umbrella of private investigation, and with such sensitive material and often the wellbeing of both parties at stake, it is not the time to leave surprises for the courtroom. The rule of thumb is this: if you are in a legal dispute, assume that the opposing side is learning absolutely everything they can about you and the case, and make sure you do the same. Often times the outcome of a case depends less on who is right or wrong, and more on who is the best prepared.
  4. You are losing money or valuable items (private or corporate)- Even if you don’t know whether an item was lost or stolen, even if you think that the loss of money could be nothing more than bookkeeping mistakes, consider hiring a private investigator. In the case that a loss of valuables really was a mistake/accident, the P.I. will quickly uncover this and there will be no harm done. If there is more to the story, a private investigator can help you piece it together before you lose anything else.
  5. You suspect abuse (private)- Whether it is a mother who suspects mistreatment of a child under the care of a nanny, or a friend who suspects abuse of a colleague, private investigators can help uncover cases of abuse when an individual is unable to find concrete proof on their own. Instead of jumping to accusations and potentially wrongfully accusing someone, it is always better to do the research first and get more information before acting.
  6. You’re taking a big step (private or corporate)- From merging companies, to hiring a new employee, to adopting a new baby, it is wise to hire a private investigator before making a big commitment to another person or entity. Even if you think that you have done your research, there is always a chance that you are missing out on pertinent information that will affect your decision. While it doesn’t always mean that the step is the wrong one to take, it will leave you more informed while taking it, and a private investigator is a discreet way to check your interests before you do something you regret.
  7. You think someone is/might investigate you (private or corporate)- In rare instances, people have hired private investigators to investigate themselves in order to find out what information about themselves is “out there.” If you suspect someone is looking into you, look into yourself first.
  8. You have a feeling (everyone!)- At the end of the day, most private investigations arise from a client’s gut feeling that “There is more to the story.” Whether it is a spouse who is cheating, and employee who is stealing, or a colleague who is hiding something, the job of a private investigator is to clear away the doubt and reveal the truth so that all parties are on equal footing and can make sound, informed decisions about the future. If you think something in your life feels off, a private investigator may be able to use their experience and insight to help you sort it out.


Private investigators are available for any difficult situation that arises, both professionally and personally. If you are struggling to uncover the truth or looking for help in tracking someone or something down, consider a private investigator to help speed along the process.