Don’t Wait to Hire a Private Investigator

Don’t Wait to Hire a Private Investigator

lauth investigations Every business—from the mom-and-pop shop to corporate America—will encounter some form of crisis during their operation. Crises come in all shapes and sizes, including employee malingering, internal theft, brand protection, and a myriad of lawsuits that could bring an established business to its knees. When disaster strikes, it is the reflex of most companies to handle the matter internally, often delaying important investigative measures out of uncertainty, ignorance on how to proceed, or both. While an internal investigation allows a company to control available information and minimize any consequences, an independent external investigation conducted by a private investigator is the best course when it comes to finding a comprehensive solution to any corporate crisis. The important thing to remember is you cannot wait when a crisis arises, and hiring a private investigator should be one of the first items on your to-do list.

Independent private investigatiors provide the best solutions from the onset of the investigation. Investigators too often run into roadblocks during investigations because they are working from a narrative and timeline that has already been established by an internal party. When you have a qualified and objective investigator handling the investigation from the beginning, it lays a solid foundation that will lead to credible leads, proper gathering of evidence, and quality conversations with potential witnesses.

During a fact-finding process, internal investigators may not have considered all angles and left many leads unexplored. Potential witnesses within the workforce need to be interviewed and their statements recorded, but an internal investigator—usually a Human Resources representative or upper management employee—may not have the qualifications. Any witness testimony may be tainted because the investigator is not properly trained in interview and rapport. Witness statements could also be false or inconsistent because they fear reprisal from an internal investigator who may have clout when it comes to the employee’s future at that business. When a private investigator is retained weeks after the onset of the investigation, witness’s memories may be inaccurate or even non-existent. In some cases, an employee may have already left the company, or changed addresses. This results in more investigative measures required to locate that employee, which costs money and labor hours to the investigator.

Witness statements are valuable, but not so much as hard evidence that cannot be interpreted for a particular spin. One common example is surveillance footage. An internal investigator may think to pull surveillance footage from a single camera near the site of the incident or crisis, but the investigator may not pull surveillance footage from other cameras that could contain valuable information. Most companies invest in security systems that recycles surveillance tape after a short period of time, sometimes as little as five days. Once an independent private investigator is retained, valuable footage is gone, and other fact-finding measures will be necessary—again, more time and money at the cost to the company.

It is possible for an internal investigation to play out smoothly—at least at first glance. Even if the internal investigator is well-qualified to conduct the investigation, there will always be the question of objectivity when dealing with an internal investigation. A successful investigation that concludes with the termination of an employee who was found to be at fault for the crisis or incident has the potential to result in legal action. In this example, it would be a wrongful-termination suit. When argued in a court of law, it’s easy for the terminated employee to cast doubt on their former employer by citing the investigation into their wrongdoing was conducted by an internal employee with a direct stake in the outcome. When a private investigator handles the investigation from beginning to end, there will never be a question of objectivity, because a private investigator’s task is to find the truth—not manufacture a solution that will mollify their client.

When your company encounters a crisis, do not hesitate to retain a private investigator to find a solution. The time and resources spent on an internal investigation may all be in vain when the chips are down. To protect your business and its profits, take immediate action when a corporate crisis arrives by retaining a private investigator that will provide you with the expertise and objectivity for a successful solution.

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4 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator During Your Divorce

4 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator During Your Divorce

4 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator During Your Divorce

Without question, divorce can be one of the most difficult and emotional experience in life. Not only does it mark the end of a marriage, but it can become incredibly complicated, which can lead to a long, drawn out and painful process. Enlisting the services of an experienced private investigator can sometimes make the process move a little more quickly. Here’s how.

Locate Hidden Assets – One of the biggest points of contention couples face when going through a divorce is that of mistrust over assets. If one spouse is deliberately hiding money and other assets in an attempt to avoid their proper distribution during the settlement it can cause huge delays in the process. A private investigator who specializes in divorce cases can help make sure any and all assets are accounted for.

Uncover Infidelity – While many states offer no-fault divorce, some will still grant a more favorable settlement in the case of infidelity. Unfortunately, proving such a thing can be quite challenging. With the help of a seasoned private investigator, however, you may be able to uncover all the evidence you need to tilt the courts in your favor.

Custody Battles – Under the best of circumstances, both parents should enjoy equal opportunity to have a relationship with their children following divorce. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and many situations are unhealthy for children. If you’re concerned that your soon-to-be ex or former spouse is placing your kids at risk, a private eye can help gather the necessary proof to back up your claim in court.

Child Support/Alimony – Regardless of which side of the coin you’re on, determining what amount of child support and/or alimony is fair can be a huge point of contention. If you feel you’re paying too much based on misinformation provided by your former spouse, or you believe your ex is withholding information that would lead to a higher payout, a private investigator can help sort things out and ensure that everyone is operating on the up-and-up.

Going through a divorce is difficult no matter what the circumstances. Having a skilled, experienced private investigator in your corner can make a challenging situation a little bit easier to navigate. If you have questions or would like to learn more about how we may be able to help you get a favorable settlement in your divorce, contact us today.