Lauth & Internal Investigations

Lauth & Internal Investigations

We can provide your business with a solution to their corporate or internal crisis…

internal investigations For businesses, a corporate crisis is not just a reality, it’s an eventuality. From workplace misconduct to theft and fraud, these corporate crises can leave a company devastated from financial or legal repercussions. Such a sweeping blow can leave executives and management bewildered and scratching their heads.

When corporate crises arise, Lauth Investigations International, Inc. is there with specialized intervention, investigation, and illumination for your internal conflict. Using authorized, secure information databases, innovative surveillance technology, Lauth Investigations International, Inc. brings a special brand of integrity and objectivity to every investigation for comprehensive solutions in a complex business world. Internal investigations receive a high degree of objectivity, as our only mission is to find the truth. 

Companies, organizations, and non-profits alike have put their crises in the hands of Lauth Investigations. We can offer assistance in personnel, systemic, and contextual crises through a diverse list of investigation services. Our initiative and autonomy allow us to intervene at any stage in a corporate crisis. From risk assessment to litigation support, our firm’s findings have empowered corporate and non-profit entities to improve their operations and watch their business thrive.  

Our team of qualified, seasoned professionals, composed of veterans, former law enforcement, paralegals, and researchers work with cooperative synergy to bring a comprehensive solution to every client’s internal investigation. This empathetic team prides itself in maintaining quality communications with our clients and remaining accessible in a time of crisis. In pursuit of providing our clients with accurate and thorough findings, we are always furthering our knowledge of the latest investigative methods in procedures by consulting a network of educated contemporary professionals and being well-versed in the latest research.

Companies nationwide have achieved resolutions through our list of diverse investigative services, including:

  • Legal & Attorney Investigations
  • Investigations of CNC Non-Competes
  • Sex, Drug, & Labor Trafficking in the Workplace
  • NGO Undercover Operatives
  • Uncovering Corporate Debtor Assets
  • Corporate Crisis Management
  • Fraud & Forgery Investigations
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Theft Investigations
  • Fraudulent Insurance Claims Investigations
  • FMLA Surveillance and Intelligence
  • White Collar Executive Defense
  • Brand Protection

Don’t wait to hire a private investigator to resolve your corporate crisis. A private investigator can provide you with a comprehensive solution. For a free quote, or more information on our services, please call 317-951-1100.