3 Big Ways Private Investigators Can Help You When Working in Emerging Market Areas

When investing in a new market, there is always an inherent risk. However, when you are doing business in an emerging market, this risk is amplified greatly, as is the feeling of uncertainty you may have before taking the plunge. There are a lot of reasons why emerging markets are attractive right now: with the globalized world, increasing your reach to be more international is a strategic and sometimes necessary move. Emerging markets can often offer you with economic opportunities that are unheard of domestically, and offer you somewhat uncharted territory to expand and grow. However, in doing this, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. You need to know what exists already in the market, what your contribution is going to signify, and, perhaps most importantly, who you are working with.


Emerging markets, including Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Hungary, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey, offer great opportunities. However, when it comes to entering into business with someone who already lives or works in the emerging market in question, or investing in these foreign stock markets, there are obvious questions that arise. First of all, this person is possibly not from the same culture, and does not conduct business the same way. Second, this person is assumed to be physically far from you, so the ability to work with them face-to-face may be impossible. Third, because of the different laws, processes, and infrastructure in the foreign country, it may be harder for you to “check out” the person properly before you begin working.


This is why so many people turn to private investigators to help them research their potential partners before entering into an emerging market. This blog post outlines 3 specific things that a private investigator can help you discover and understand before going into business with someone- things you probably cannot figure out for yourself.


  1. Is Your Plan Really Possible?

    Sometimes we have an idea, and it seems possible, and even plausible, because we are working on incorrect context. Unfortunately, this is often the case with people who want to invest in emerging markets. We often think that we have an understanding of how life and business works in a foreign place, but in reality, we are acting on stereotypes or misconceptions. Something that a private investigator can help you do is to give you appropriate context to decide if an investment is actually a good idea. A PI that specializes in the region you are hoping to invest can give you an idea of how things work in the area, and how the reality might be different from your ideas or preconceptions. Common misconceptions could be:
    -What government of the country you are hoping to invest in is like, and how it might interfere with your plans.
    -Whether or not outside investors will be allowed to participate in the investment at all.
    -How the foreign currency operates and how it will hold up in the future.
  2. Is the Deal What You Really Think It Is?

    Another issue when it comes to doing business in an emerging market is communication. In order to make a smart and productive decision, you need to have access to all of the necessary information to make sure you know exactly what you are getting into. This can be difficult in countries that have less resources available. An emerging market country may have loose accounting standards and less publicized information in general, which will make getting the information you need more difficult. In addition to that, the information may be in a different language, and will be according to the laws and codes of that specific country. All of these differences can add up and make it very difficult to get the information you need quickly and efficiently in a standard investment.

    Communication issues are prevalent even in situations where everything is correct, but in the case that you are faced with a fraudulent or corrupt investment, it is even more difficult to discover the fraud because of all of these practical differences between countries. This is why many people hire a private investigator before making a decision in an emerging market, to protect their assets and make sure they know exactly who and what they are working with.
  3. Is the Market Really There For You?  

    Lastly, many people make mistakes in emerging market deals because they overestimate the opportunity that is available in the market. Most of the time, this means that people are choosing the wrong time to invest. Emerging markets follow very different trends than stocks in developed countries, and you need to be sure that what looks like a good investment actually is. Getting stuck with an investment that quickly falls apart, or one that you have a hard time liquidating in the future, can be just as deadly to your prospects as getting involved in business with a corrupt investor. This is why it is always best to hire a private investigator that specializes in emerging market analysis before you invest.

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