You Must Be This Tall to Sue This Amusement Park

You Must Be This Tall to Sue This Amusement Park

Summer is just around the corner and that means families will reignite their love and affection for one another by piling into a small American car and driving 500 miles without working air conditioning in 2,000 degree heat to a place designed to suck more money out of their pockets that some kind of money sucking vacuum.

But don’t fret. Some families have learned how to recoup their lawsuits against amusement parks by filing some strange lawsuits. The Orlando Sentinel compiled some of the stranger suits filed against parks from their neck of the woods.

One attendee of the Magic Kingdom claimed he was falsely arrested when he “joked” about having a bomb in his bags. So thank this man, America. From now on, everyone going to Disneyworld will have to undergo a full cavity search.

Another man at Disneyworld claimed an employee told him he was standing in the wrong line, fainted from humiliation and injured himself from the fall. I wonder if the same thing happened to him when his lawsuit hit the newspapers.