Meet the Owner of Lauth Investigations International

Meet the Owner of Lauth Investigations International

Meet the Owner of LII. Thomas Lauth is the owner and lead investigator of Lauth Investigations International, Inc. Founded in 1993, Lauth has 20 years of experience in criminal, insurance, personal, corporate, and attorney investigations, to include specializing in missing person and unsolved homicide investigations.

Thomas Lauth, owner of LII

Owner and Criminal Investigator, 1993-Present.Thomas currently serves as a Referral Investigator for various attorneys, defendants, insurance companies and the public in conducting criminal investigations and death investigations within Indiana.

Senior Criminal Investigator, Marion County Public Defender Agency

Conducted detailed criminal investigations for the representation of indigent defendants.

Worked cooperatively with various State and Federal law enforcement agencies such as INTERPOL, FBI, US State Department, various foreign embassies, and parents nationwide on missing person’s cases.

Appointed numerous times by State and Federal Courts to conduct independent investigations of homicides, robbery, and serious felony matters.

Served as both a prosecution and defense witness on numerous missing persons and homicide, both at the Federal and the State levels.

Advisory for the Nation’s Missing Children Organization & National Center for Missing Adults, working with founder Kym L. Pasqualini from 1996-2010. Pasqualini remains an advocate for missing persons and recognized expert in the field.

Continuing to work with with Kym L. Pasqualini, LII also sponsors the Missing Persons Advocacy Network.

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All of us at LII, are committed to continue to raise awareness of missing persons and provide information to keep families safe.

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