Hidden Asset Investigations and Background Checks

Common reasons for utilizing a private investigator for background checks and asset searches:

Hidden Asset Investigations in Divorce, Child Support, and Spousal Maintenance Cases

Commonly, when facing divorce or child support obligations, an individual will claim fewer assets in an effort to pay lower payments. In addition, many claim they have no assets or income in order to collect more. This is why a comprehensive hidden asset search conducted by a licensed private investigator can help individuals provide proof so the court may make an informed decision in your case. A private investigation can uncover assets that people can go to great measures to hide.

For example, an entrepreneur husband who owns a business and several properties, but when faced with paying child support for three children claims his income is near the stated poverty level for the Department of Labor statistics. In this case, responses to interrogatories and or court testimony can also be challenged by a licensed private investigator that can search for inconsistencies in either.

A comprehensive Asset Search can produce such things as:

  • Moved assets to relatives, friends, or business partners
  • Bank Accounts balances
  • Concealed corporations
  • List of creditors to include overpayments
  • Residential and commercial property
  • Equity in real estate
  • Vehicles, both personal and commercial
  • Tangible property
  • Lifestyle Intelligence
  • Stocks, bonds, and annuities
  • Life insurance
  • Employment and wage approximation

Additionally, when an individual claims they are not employed and unable to pay child support or spousal maintenance, an asset investigation can determine the individual’s employment eligibility. A hidden asset search can include interviewing friends, business partners, and associates to determine if the individual is being truthful in an asset disclosure. Court can be a very lengthy process, and appeals can take years. This is why we recommend hiring a private investigator to work alongside your attorney to ensure proper disclosure the first time around.

Background Investigations

Background checks can be requested for various reasons such as employment screening, commercial and consumer credit, tenant screening, and during divorce or child custody disputes. Background checks can be used to determine resident address, recover police reports and criminal records to uncover court documents such as charging information, probable cause affidavits, and case histories and as well civil records such as protective orders, tax liens, judgments, divorce and other civil filings, also including, place of employment, motor vehicle records, judgments, tax liens, and other critical information.
During child custody and divorce dispute, private investigators play an important role in keeping children safe. Conducting a background check on anyone that will be in the in a caretaker role or in the company of the child on a regular basis, a background check can identify who may be a danger to the child. Background checks performed by a licensed private investigator specializing in child custody investigations can determine subjects who are with the child or children of the mutual parties in litigation, such as roommates, new girlfriends, and boyfriends. Background Investigations are an affordable way to determine if additional investigative service may be required.

Due Diligence and Corporate Asset Searches

When judgments are served on a corporation, debtors can go to great lengths to attempt to conceal assets. You will find companies changing their names, investments moved, hidden bank and savings accounts, real estate transferred, trusts established to mask assets, and more. The same can occur when an individual or corporation is ordered to repay a loan.

Private investigators use the latest technology and resources to conduct bank searches, discovery of investments and identify liquid assets.

Lauth Investigations Due diligence and corporate asset investigations can uncover:

  • Bank Accounts
  • Financial Profiles
  • Public Records
  • Investments
  • Hidden Cash
  • Vehicle ownership
  • Identify business and associate relationships
  • Other public records
  • Ability to repay loans
  • Misuse of funds

For more information on corporate asset searchers for your company please review Lauth Investigations site at liixact.com

Pre-litigation investigations

Before investing an enormous amount of time and financial resources into taking legal action, it isadvisable that a clear understanding of whether pursuing a judgment will be worth the time, effort, and resources.

Post litigation investigations

Asset investigations can confirm or refute claims made whether there are assets available as well as determine the period allowed by the state to pursue the assets. This saves a tremendous amount of time and resources after a judgment has been issued in an effort to determine what if any assets can be attached for payment.

Thomas Lauth, owner of Lauth Investigations International has been in the private investigation business for twenty years working with law enforcement and authorities in the legal system. “As private investigators, it is our job to validate information or uncover inconsistencies that can save everyone time and money, not to mention, lessening the emotional strain for our clients.”