How a Private Investigator Can Help in a White Collar Criminal Case

How a Private Investigator Can Help in a White Collar Criminal Case

court case justiceWhite collar crime happens every day in the US, and it costs corporations billions of dollars annually. As with most things, preventing these crimes from occurring is always preferable, but given the number of cases making the news on a weekly basis, that’s obviously not always possible. For those situations in which you either suspect a crime is being committed in the workplace or you’re already in the throes of a legal battle, an experienced private investigator can significantly improve the chances of a more favorable outcome. Here’s how.

Internal Investigations – A private investigator can help identify and weed out those working for the corporation who may be up to no good. In some cases, the investigator can openly conduct the investigation. In other instances, he or she can go undercover, posing as another employee to help gather intel and compose evidence.

Vetting Witnesses – Whether it’s identifying key witnesses to help support your case or poking holes in witnesses for the other party, a private investigator knows who to look for, what questions to ask and what type of research needs to be done to achieve the best possible outcome.

Conducting Interviews –A private investigator is quite often called upon by a corporate attorney for a number of reasons, one of which is conducting in-depth interviews with all the parties involved in the case. When handled properly, this can help you be prepared and avoid any unexpected surprises that may pop up during court proceedings.

Reviewing and Gathering Documents – A private investigator who is experienced in dealing with white collar criminal cases will know precisely what type of documentation is needed in order to strengthen and/or prove or disprove supposed facts about the case. The more detailed documentation you have ahead of time, the better your chances in mediation or court.

Differing Perspective and Insight – For most executives, dealing with a criminal investigation isn’t something they have to experience very often. Because of this, it can be valuable to partner with a private investigator who has worked on several such cases in his or her career. The first-hand experience and personal knowledge can help to set expectations and provide a different point of view.

Do you suspect that a crime may be occurring within your organization, such as embezzlement or insider trading? Are you in the process of building a case for court? Give us a call and let’s discuss how we may be able to help.