Pawn Stars Private Eye! Finding Antique Items of Value.

Pawn Stars Private Eye! Finding Antique Items of Value.

We’ve all seen the shows.  From the numerous programs that use “pawn” with cheeky delight, to its original incarnation Antique Roadshow, Having that “priceless” item is easier dreamt then done. One way you could go about verifying your future fortunes is through a private investigator.

Utilizing PI services for such items can help locating long thought gone treasures.  Take this example, where a 1967 Jaguar E-type convertible, stolen almost 50 years ago, was finally recovered en transit to the Netherlands.  But recovering lost or stolen assets is only one option for vintage goods.

Often with these vintage commodities (such as cars), it can prove difficult to verify specifics which would indicate value (such as year, vin numbers, other markers) so hiring a professional in these scenarios would prove a worthy option.

Another example includes valuable works of art.  These pieces have a very specific reach, both in the crime world and the art world.  Stolen art is an upsetting trend, with as much as 6 billion in recent annual losses.  To combat this, the government has even put together an art crime team, consisting of agents and specialists responsible for investigating cultural property theft (think a 21st century version of The Monuments Men).

(Source: Wiki Commons)

Based on the story of the recovery of the largest art theft in history (Source: Wiki Commons)

More often though, it is the private detectives being sought after for art recovery, inquiries, and investigation.  Because of the international recognition of some of these pieces, and the global aspects of black market art exchanges, PI’s will often collaborate with government organizations and various art communities.  This provides additional challenges as one must deal with international laws and practices for several countries.

Fictional recreation of Art Specialists PI's (Source: Fanpop)

Fictional recreation of art specialists PI’s (Swords optional) (Source: Fanpop)

Besides lost art recovery, PI specialists have been used to verify if a piece is authentic or forged, even mediating the art buying process between two parties.

These methods can also be transferred to locating/verifying other antique goods, such as furniture, firearms, books etcetera.  Basically, if a good has value or can be considered a “collector’s item”, chances are the underbelly of society will seek to steal it or copy it.  Which means private investigators will continue to be assistance to those who seek authenticity, as well as a combatant for those thieves who don’t.

PI's: Providing truth, justice, and the way authenticating of cultural artifacts

PI’s: Providing truth, justice, and the way of authenticating cultural artifacts.