undercover corporate investigation

Any entrepreneur or high-level executive knows that there’s a lot at stake when running a business. You might well wish you had an all-seeing eye, but the reality is that it’s impossible to steer the ship while keeping tabs on every last detail of operations.

Every leader hopes that their employees are team players, but even a lone bad actor can cause immeasurable damage that erodes from within. The tough reality is that what you don’t know might well hurt you. But, the good news is that corporate investigations firms are ready to help you achieve that all-knowing oversight—while you keep going about doing what you do best.

Why Undercover Corporate Investigations Are Sometimes the Best Option

Sometimes, our spider-senses tingle and we get the feeling that something is just not right. At others, we have a pretty clear idea of the nefarious activity that’s afoot, but we don’t have the airtight proof required to back it up. In these moments, a corporate investigation is the logical next step, but what would warrant taking that investigation undercover?

Discretion can be one of the primary appeals of keeping corporate investigations on the down-low. Until your suspicions are concrete, you might not want workplace problems to be revealed to employees, clients, or customers. At times, a strategic investigation may reveal there’s no need to rock the boat at all—or on the flip-side, the need for urgent action may be revealed. Either way, a deft and discreet investigation can demonstrate that you practice due diligence with the wellbeing and interests of all parties involved in mind.

Another aspect of keeping things covert, particularly relevant to corporate theft or corporate fraud investigations, is to stay ahead of ill intent. An employee who is oblivious to the fact that they are under investigation is less motivated to cover their tracks, watch their words, or even direct blame towards others. Corporate investigations that warrant uncovering evidence before it’s hidden are typically easier when conducted undercover—and in the meantime, dedicated employees and successful day-to-day operations can be safeguarded against disruption.

Using Undercover Corporate Investigation Services to Uncover the Truth

The range of underhand behavior that an undercover corporate investigation might serve is a broad one. Specialized and experienced undercover investigators are adept at gently teasing out the evidence required to act on white collar and corporate crime such as business fraud, employee misconduct, asset misuse, FMLA abuse, time theft, non-compete violations, and much more.

A high-caliber undercover corporate investigations service will be scaled to meet your needs—whether what is called for is simply intelligence gathering or the coordination of sting operations and the use of advanced surveillance equipment. A trusted investigator can advise you on the best course of action whether you hope to avoid litigation, or want to be optimally prepared for it. If there is a suspicion that problems are endemic, a corporate culture audit may help you address the problem at its source. Fundamentally, the role of investigators is to help you be the best corporate steward that you can be.

At times, covert operations are an efficient element of a larger investigation, aiming to illuminate why profits have fallen or team morale is down. Fully licensed corporate investigations firms offer the unique skill set of being able to marry going undercover with performing corporate background checks on employees, vendors, and contractors; investigating data security threats and carrying out audits; discreetly investigating your competitive market for signs of a non-compete violation; and more.

Choosing the Right Ally for a Successful Undercover Operation

Within a sea of corporate investigations firms, the right ally should stand out for its excellent track record and corporate-specific expertise. A firm with strong standing will be able to walk you quickly towards the perfect plan of attack—ensuring that investigative actions are mindful, effective, ethical, impartial, low risk, and legally advantageous. Their goal will be to build a solid body of documented evidence on your behalf so that you can take the necessary steps to right the ship, safeguard valued employees, and continue unimpeded towards your business objectives.
The corporate investigations team at Lauth Investigations are seasoned veterans when it comes to launching agile and effective undercover investigations. We combine this resource with a full-spectrum corporate investigations toolkit, spanning from targeted investigations through to preventative Corporate Culture Audits. Learn more about what we do, or contact our team today.