Is a background check for construction workers really necessary? We all like to move through life with faith that the people we encounter are honest and decent Americans. However, we only need cross paths with one bad egg to get burned in a big way, and few professionals gain greater access to our personal or professional lives than those hired to undertake construction. 

In the case of renovations, fundamentally, we give strangers free access to our inner sanctums—we trust them to give accurate quotes and use up-front deposits in the way that they promise. While the majority of construction companies may conduct themselves with integrity, what you don’t know, you simply don’t know. When all is said and done, skimping on a background check for construction worker candidates might leave you with a nasty hole in your wall, and an even bigger one in your bank balance.

Aren’t References Enough?

Checking the references of a contractor bidding for your next renovation project is a great place to start, but it isn’t the be-all-and-end-all. Sadly, references can be faked and contact details manipulated. Of course, the more readily any vying candidate offers up their credentials the better, but there’s more to consider than references alone. Especially when we consider that as many as one in three American homeowners will fall prey to a renovation scam in their lifetime.

For anyone operating outside the construction industry, navigating the task of verifying the validity of references and confirming that contractors are appropriately licensed, bonded, and insured can be a daunting task. Even if you can draw this body of information together, unless the construction worker or company in question has hit the headlines in a catastrophic way, you’re unlikely to be able to check their operational safety record. You don’t want to place your renovations in the hands of someone with a trail of destruction in their wake. The only solution is to reach out to a corporate investigations firm who can vet your candidate for you, with a cost-effective and bespoke background check for construction.

Requesting a Background Check for Construction Workers

Whether you aim to recruit a freelance construction worker for a home renovation or a large construction company to give your corporate offices a major overhaul, a specialized background check for construction from Lauth Investigations International will give you total peace on mind. Don’t leave your contractor’s credentials up to chance. Instead, turn to a corporate investigator who can quickly and diligently check that their financial track record is gold standard; that they are as equipped, qualified, and capable as they say they are; and that the individuals in question don’t have any nasty skeletons in their closet.
When renovations go wrong, individuals and companies alike can find themselves victim to bodged work, theft, financial fraud, and worse. Getting scammed means becoming an unhappy statistic, but a background check for construction workers can ensure that the scammer is the one who loses out, rather than you. Discover more about our comprehensive background check service, or contact our team today for obligation-free guidance on how we can best meet your needs.