Working from home became an adjustment for most people at the beginning of the pandemic—and although COVID numbers are falling—many businesses are still maintaining a remote working structure in these turbulent times. While remote working has had it’s undeniable advantages, corporate leadership remains wary of how it might effect their business in the long run.

In addition to a decline in cases of COVID-19, some of the benefits that corporate leadership has seen in recent years under remote working are

  • Increase in productivity
  • Savings on physical locations
  • Reducing the carbon footprint

There have also been great strides amongst companies who’ve gone remote who now have access to talent in all four corners of the globe. The pool of talent for their company is no longer restricted to driving distance of their location. They can hire the very best professionals available as long as the nature of their job is conducive to remote working. This remote working structure has also allowed professionals more time to spend with their families.

However, working from home isn’t a successful strategy for some, like parents with young children, or distractions at home that do not make it an ideal environment for productivity and innovation. These professionals don’t mind the commute and would rather have the space dedicated to their working life so that they can maintain firm boundaries between their work lives and their home lives. This has left many in corporate leadership unsure of how to proceed in a manner that works best for everyone.

This is what brings us to “the hybrid model” of working life. This means that in applicable jobs, employees would adopt a hybrid form of working in which they were in the office 2-3 days per week, then spend the rest of the work week performing tasks at home. Even just reducing time in the office to just 2-3 days per week, employers can save a fortune on daily operations costs, as well as the time lost spent in travel to the office and tasks like getting up to get a cup of coffee, or running to the copy room. In this way, employers get to maintain a working environment that works for everyone, and employees get the work life balance that our national economy has craved.

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