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You might immediately associate a private investigator with an east-or-west-coast metropolis like New York or Los Angeles, but a private investigator’s methodology can be applied in any city or state as long as they are licensed through that state. Our Louisville private investigators have a deep pool of investigative work to draw from, providing clarification in matters like white collar crime, child custody, and missing persons. When it comes to your personal or professional life, you need a private investigator with the skills and experience to give you crucial context in times of crisis.

Our Louisville private investigators can apply our services to many investigation types, including but not limited to:

  • Fraud & Theft investigation
  • Corporate investigation
  • Non-compete agreement violation
  • Child custody investigation
  • Infidelity Investigation
  • Criminal defense investigation
  • Missing person investigation
  • Corporate culture audits
  • FMLA abuse investigation

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The city of Louisville, Kentucky is synonymous with so many well-known aspects of American Culture. It’s the home of legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali, the annual Kentucky Derby, Louisville Slugger bats, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. It’s a vibrant cultural hub smack in the middle of America that combines metropolis energy with southern charm. Despite the fact that it’s one of the safest cities in America, Louisville also experiences a higher rate of violent crime than the U.S. as a whole. With the speed, anonymity, and geo-social aspects of the city make it an ideal place for a private investigator to set up shop.

Why Hire our Team

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Readiness and Response

We consider your request important and critical. Once a client has reached out to our firm our team responds within 24 hours to listen, ascertain facts, develop solutions, deliver results.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Client Service First

In times of crisis, we know which questions to ask and how to mitigate the risks that threaten our clients’ professional or personal lives. We want to help as we understand the unprecedented challenges you may be facing.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Team Success

Our team succeeds because we understand the various client configurations and needs. We support and advocate your purpose or legal driven request. We follow trends and find innovative investigative techniques to success.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

For 25 years our clients
are from All Sectors

No matter the sector, we find solutions for Law Firms, HR leader and CEO’s or directly to your family. Focusing on customized solutions to your problems utilizing OSINT and HUMINT sources to make rapid decisions for your corporate or workplace investigation or family crisis.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Fact-based investigations

Our team focuses on facts. We independently verify all information that comes to light during an investigation, and heavily document our observations for the record. We approach every investigation with integrity and objectivity.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response


Our investigators are committed to your request and whatever the challenges we face our team will be steadfast in finding results, delivering facts, and communicating with stakeholders.

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Corporate Investigations in Louisville

Private investigators can spread the benefit of their due diligence to corporations throughout Louisville. Businesses of all industries and sizes cannot overstate the value of corporate intelligence in the digital age. A private investigator may be the ideal professional to put that corporate intelligence in the hands of employers with corporate investigations and operations. Whether it’s manufacturing, trade, or technology, our Louisville private investigators can get answers. Private investigators use verified databases to build comprehensive background checks for hiring purposes to ensure that the corporation is getting the full picture on prospective employees. This due-diligence saves businesses thousands in turnover costs and potentially subsequent litigation caused by a negligent employee. In cases where there are pervasive problems with employee misconduct, such as sexual harassment, discrimination, theft, or malingering. Our Louisville private investigator team is comprised of former military and law enforcement who are trained to spot employee misconduct at every level, including the executive level.

Background Checks for Louisville Business

Executives have the most power to ruin a corporation from within, and our investigators are trained to look at each subject in an investigation objectively and without professional bias. They generate comprehensive background checks on subjects involved, develop leads, document evidence, and provide an expert recommendation at the conclusion of the investigation to ensure that employers have all the information necessary to make meaningful changes within their organizations.  These background checks can prevent a spectrum of devastating forms of misconduct that can harm businesses of all sizes, including employee theft (from vanishing office supplies to full-on embezzlement), violation of non-compete agreements, and offenses under the umbrella of employee malingering, including FMLA abuse. When these phenomena are already occurring within the organization, private investigators can use surveillance technology, like hidden cameras and undercover operatives to observe and document the misconduct.

From Our Clients

“Working with Lauth Investigation is both efficient and rewarding. They have been able to obtain crucial information that has impacted the overall effectiveness of my team. This has put my company growth in the forefront of everyone’s mind. The results of their in house consultations were immeasurable.”

Bradley L.

“The results of Lauth Investigations has been rapid, clear, and understandable. My company needed this refreshing crisis management consultation process. I am happy to have such an incredible team to lean on when we need them.”

Jennifer B.

“The information Lauth Investigations was able to obtain in regards to the unethical activities occurring at one of our warehouses was exactly what our HR Director needed to begin termination procedures on not just one individual but an entire department. I would definitely recommend them!”

Benjamin A.

Combatting Crime with Intelligence

Relative to its size and population, Louisville is comparable to Baltimore or Glasgow (U.K.). It has a crime rate of 647 violent crimes per 100,000 people. In 2017 the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department fielded 4,428 violent crimes, 44% of the entire state total. That’s an average of 12 violent crimes reported every day. Even police departments that are well-funded and well-manned have difficulty juggling the caseload per investigator, and that is where private investigators come in. Private investigators are independent from any state or federal agency, and as such, have no jurisdictional boundaries to restrict them from investigating. As long as they are licensed in the state where they are investigating, they are free to go where the leads take them. This means there is no time wasted and case progression can continue. Private investigators use their verified databases to identify potential suspects, witnesses, and locate them for purposes of surveillance or fact-finding. They can document evidence that might have otherwise eluded law enforcement. Our Louisville private investigators have regularly collaborated with law enforcement to apprehend dangerous individuals in order to bring our clients peace of mind following events such as harassment, violence, and unsolved homicides.

Trafficking Investigations

Louisville’s proximity to Indiana and the crossroad of America put it at above average risk for labor and sex trafficking. Beautiful national parks and bustling metropolises create environments where people go missing, sometimes without at race. When a loved one goes missing, families need the benefit of a missing person expert to bring them closure. One of the nation’s foremost experts in missing persons, private investigator Thomas Lauth (Lauth Investigations) recently expanded his independent investigation firm to serve the Louisville population. He has extensive experience in recovering both children and adults and reuniting them with their families. “When cities like Louisville have difficulty closing cases within their respective police departments, that’s where private investigators can ‘pick up the slack,’ for lack of a better phrase. We can follow leads that law enforcement cannot and we can bring justice to survivors of violent crime who previously had no recourse.” With their autonomy, private investigators can pick up leads that law enforcement might have dropped, or locate witnesses that might have left the jurisdiction. Lauth went on to say that Louisville provides some unique opportunities for a variety of investigations. “Cities the size of Louisville have a level of CCTV surveillance that is beneficial in investigations for locating witnesses, getting accurate accounts of how an incident transpired, or capturing license plates for investigations involving vehicles.”

When police departments are overwhelmed, private investigators can pick up the slack, and bring closure to victims of violent crime or otherwise. They possess a similar skill set, juxtaposed with a level of autonomy not afforded to law enforcement. This means jurisdictional issues will never be a hurdle to stall case progression. Because private investigators only have 3-4 cases on average at any given time, that means caseload will never interfere with their ability to follow a lead in a timely matter. This can lead to the recovery of new evidence, witness statements, and ultimately, closure in your case.


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