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Even the best criminal defense attorney can become overwhelmed with their caseload. That’s why Lauth is passionate about supporting attorneys from the arrest to the courtroom. Using our intelligence services means attorneys can focus on case law and defending their client while we help forge a foundation for defense.

How Lauth can assist with your criminal defense case


Lauth uses the latest in surveillance technology to expose the unseen factors within any workplace. Our investigators have a wealth of experience in threat identification and risk assessment with regards to the safety of the workplace.

Background Checks

Lauth uses verified databases to secure a comprehensive background report on the relevant Subjects in any fraud or forgery case. Our investigators are trained to view a person’s criminal, financial, address, and litigation history to identify significant risk factors and provide expert recommendations for our clients and their businesses.

Undercover operations

Our investigators have the necessary toolchest to conduct objective, covert undercover operations within any organization, seeking the unseen factors in any workplace.

Evidence gathering

Combined with our surveillance technology to bring certainty to criminal defence investigations, our investigators are highly trained in discreet evidence gathering to support their findings in the case.


With the help of verified databases, Lauth skip-trace services allow investigators to locate Subjects and relevant parties in any criminal defense case.

Witness Testimony

Our independence and objectivity can provide another layer of integrity to your case. Lauth’s investigators are comprised of former military and law enforcement with diverse exerpience in legal proceedings and providing testimony on behalf of our clients.

Crime-scene Analysis

Our investigators are here to provide a second opinion with regards to crime-scene analysis. We use methods similar to law enforcement. to rebuild a crime scene and identify alternative theories of the crime.

Why clients need our services

The average attorney bills clients for between 1000-1500 hours for a single case. In the case of criminal trials, those figures can double or even triple relative to the complexity of the case. Lauth and its private investigators can pick up the slack for overburdened attorneys, reducing the workload so attorneys can better serve their clients. Lauth’s investigators are also trained in providing witness testimony and our independence can deliver another level of integrity to your case. We are dedicated to providing quality support to the community and playing a role in getting justice for clients.

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