Imagine, if you will, that you’re a mid-level manager, and you’ve had an eye on Bob for a while. Bob’s always struck you as an easy going family guy, but recently you’ve noticed that his behaviour has become a little strange.

Bob’s clothes are a little more flashy and you noticed a brand new wristwatch catching the light under his shirt sleeve—but it’s not just that. Bob has started staying late more than he used to, and doing things like closing his office door more often, or turning his screen away when you walk by. You debate whether you should talk to the HR director about the issue. Your gut tells you something is wrong, but you wonder what can be done about it—can you really trigger a corporate investigation on the basis of a hunch?

Moments like these can be the beginning of an unravelling that reveals an employee engaged in workplace fraud. But, the signs and signals are often blurry at best. Your imagined mid-level manager’s logic does have some fairly solid foundations—research indicates that 42% of fraudsters do, after all, live beyond their means. But just as easily, another individual engaged in fraud may do a far better job of covering their tracks, while Bob might just have come into a small inheritance.

A Problem Not to Underestimate

What are the risks to contemporary organizations? Employee fraud, forgery, workplace theft, malingering, white collar crime—the list goes on. In fact, it’s estimated that US businesses lose up to $110 million a day due to employee related crimes, while a typical employee theft-scheme lasts 14 months before being detected. The reality is that no business can afford to be asleep at the wheel when it comes to employee fraud.

It’s worth saying, too, that when we say no business, we really mean it. If you’re imagining that your company or organization is simply too small to fall prey to these kinds of problems, think again. The sad reality is that the risk of payroll schemes and billing fraud is actually twice as high in small businesses as it is in large ones.

What Exactly is Employee Fraud?

To any business owner, CEO, CFO, or Human Relations Director who hasn’t felt the viciously stinging impact of fraud before, it sounds like a big word. Surely fraud is something relegated to big-scale scandals that hit the news, right? Well, fraud can happen on any scale, and the perpetrator can be an ordinary Joe or Jane—or indeed a Bob gone rogue.

Employee fraud is a deliberate and deceptive act that aims to provide the perpetrator with unlawful gain, taking advantage of their position of authority or trust. It can happen under the watchful eye of any organization—large or small—and the consequences can be complex and far-reaching.

Examples of employee fraud might include financial statement fraud, the misappropriation of assets, payroll fraud, colluding with suppliers, credit card fraud, cash skimming or larceny, bribery, or data fraud. Occurrences can also range in scale from minor false expenses claims, right through to large-scale embezzlement that is haemorrhaging company profits. Whatever the scale, if your business is a victim of fraud, action must be taken.

Tackling Employee Fraud Head-On

Internal threats can come in many forms. If you suspect any form of employee fraud, then the time to launch a corporate investigation is now. When a red flag is raised for these kinds of issues in the workplace, the next steps taken need to be cautious. A heavy-handed approach may send fraudsters under cover, while dangerously disrupting workplace dynamics.

Knowing who to trust is these instances can also be a challenge—could colleagues be colluding, or might HR find it difficult to be impartial about a beloved co-worker? Because of the legal and psychological complexities of employee fraud, turning to a trusted corporate investigations service can be the strongest tactic. Seasoned professional corporate investigators can quickly and discreetly get to the bottom of the matter, and provide invaluable advice on how to move forwards.

Adding Preventative Measures to Your Toolkit

Of course, when it comes to things that can damage the standing of your business, nothing is better than prevention. To aid organizations in the prevention of all forms of corporate crime, Lauth Investigations offers innovate Corporate Culture Audits. This health check for your business will assess the risk of trouble ahead, illuminate current issues, and lay a path towards a more prosperous, productive, and secure future. We also provide a comprehensive corporate background checks—to help you avoid introducing a bad apple to the barrel.

Learn more about employee fraud investigations, Corporate Cuture Audits, corporate background checks, and more. Alternatively, contact our team today for a free no obligation quote.