For any company with precious assets and interests to safeguard, fortifying the ramparts against external threats is a given—but what happens when the true dangers lurk within? White collar crime occurring under the radar often leaves a trail of devastation in its wake. Making matters worse, the greater the position of trust enjoyed by the perpetrators, the more substantial the damage is likely to be.

In truth, the extent of white collar crime across the US remains an unknown—loosely estimated to be anywhere between $426 billion and $1.7 trillion annually—because data suggests that as many as 90% of white-collar crimes go unreported. Simultaneously, prosecutions continue to drop, having plummeted by more than 50% since 2011. So, how can you ensure that your organization doesn’t simply become one of these sinister statistics?

Covert corporate investigations can help you identify the white collar criminal and stop them in their tracks. From stemming the flow of financial haemorrhaging to gathering enough evidence to take swift legal action, a corporate investigator from Lauth Investigations International will serve as your secret weapon against white collar crime.

What Constitutes White Collar Crime?

If you think that your leadership team doesn’t warrant scrutiny, think again. The types of white collar crime that our investigators regularly encounter are diverse in nature. Bad actors with data and assets at their fingertips can soon dip into nefarious activities such as securities fraud, insurance fraud, insider trading, money laundering, embezzlement, bribery, tax evasion, Ponzi schemes, identify theft, and more. 

What’s worse is that a company operating under a veil of naivety will not only be vulnerable to substantial financial losses, but also potential implication in illegal activity that may lead to a quagmire of investigations and litigation. The key to avoiding such an unwelcome destiny is constant evaluation of security protocols and taking deft action whenever the faintest aroma rises that something might be amiss.

Why You Might Call on Covert Corporate Investigations Services

Preventive measures to keep white collar crime at bay include conducting regular Corporate Culture Audits, threat assessments, and comprehensive employee background checks. These tactics can dramatically reduce the risk that a member—or members—of your team are about to go rogue. However, when warning signs begin to appear, covert corporate investigations become the best resource in your toolkit for nipping white collar criminality in the bud.

Examples of these raise-the-alarm indicators include finding evidence of losses but being unable to trace their cause, receiving a tip on criminal activity but lacking the detail to address it, becoming aware of worrying evolution of departmental team dynamics, or pervasive divergence from company policy within the behaviours of employees. At times, the signs that all is not well are obvious, but at others, following an instinctive hunch that something is amiss can mean the difference between taking swift disciplinary action and moving smoothly on, or being overwhelmed under the weight of an escalating legal fallout. 

Covert Corporate Investigations From Lauth Investigations International

Our seasoned and objective undercover operators are experts at quickly blending in within any corporate environment, adopting the role of a new recruit before tracking and evidencing all of the information required to identify a white collar crime perpetrator and mount an effective counter offensive. Their speciality is illuminating the unseen within your organization, drawing not only on covert corporate penetration tactics but also cutting-edge surveillance technology and licenced access to verified law enforcement-favored databases.

Covert corporate investigations are not only ideal for revealing the facts of a white collar crime as quickly as possible, but also ensuring that navigating this internal threat is done discreetly, protecting your organization’s operations from the substantial disruption that can occur when an unmitigated crisis takes hold. If you are concerned about white collar crime within your teams, we are ready to assist. Connect with our corporate investigations specialists today and protect your assets and integrity from internal dangers.