When running a business, there are a number of threats, both internal and external, that could quickly unravel the entire corporate structure, and some in leadership may be uncertain of how to proceed. Whether it’s fraud, employee misconduct, or IP theft, without the proper background in oversight of these challenges, the solution may not be obvious. That’s why many businesses choose to invest in themselves by virtue of retaining a private investigator. Hiring a private investigator for different types of corporate threats is the best way to ensure that leadership is getting the full picture when it comes to making decisions for their businesses.

Private investigators are uniquely suited to investigating corporate threats—both internal and external—because of their autonomy, experience, and their objectivity as a third-party. Different types of corporate threats demand investigators with specific backgrounds, but the base skills needed to neutralize a corporate threat are within a private investigator’s toolchest. Private investigators can have different specialties, like child custody or infidelity, so when vetting candidates for retainer, it’s important to inquire about their specific experience. Types of corporate threats that private investigators can neutralize typically fall into one of two categories: Internal or external threats.

External threats:

  • Theft – Businesses with physical locations and material capital to steal can find themselves vulnerable to thieves if they do not have the appropriate security measures in place.
  • IP Theft – When your copyrighted intellectual property is at risk from outside entities, documenting the evidence is crucial and uniquely suited to a private investigator’s skillset.
  • Security risks – Security risk do not only constitute property, but also the physical safety of all staff working in an office or worksite. Whether the risk is a disgruntled employee or an active shooter, private investigators can survey weak points in business security.
  • Cyber attacks – Threats to security can also come in through the network. Working together with experts, private investigators can cover those holes in security.

Internal threats:

  • Internal theft – When capital is disappearing within an unbroken sphere of security, a private investigator can get to the bottom of disappearing property or money within any business or organization.
  • FMLA and Workman’s Compensation Investigations – Sometimes a staff member’s integrity may be called into question when it comes to FMLA or worker’s compensation claims, but with surveillance operations, private investigators can uncover the fine details of those comprehensive investigations.
  • Non-compete violations – If there is a reasonable suspicion that a non-compete agreement being violated, private investigators can document that perpetrator’s actions for any impending court action.
  • Executive misconduct – The more power an employee has, the more damage they’re able to do within their organization, so it’s crucial that due-diligence is performed in investigating claims of executive misconduct.
  • Harassment and discrimination – Harassment and discrimination are two of the most powerful malignancies in any workplace, and must be dealt with swiftly. In these circumstances, to have an independent third-party like a private investigator to determine who is responsible for the incident.