Indianapolis Private Investigators

Private Investigators Who Care About Your Crisis.
Proactive, Diligent, and Confident Solutions for 30 years.

Indianapolis Private Investigators

Private Investigators Who Care About Your Crisis.
Proactive, Diligent, and Confident Solutions for 30 years.

When you have a personal or corporate crisis, you need a private investigator who can provide you with crucial context to make complex decisions. Lauth Investigations International has spent the last 30 years empowering clients around the globe with the intelligence to make decisions in their professional or private lives. Our Indianapolis private investigators are proud to serve the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana with our brand of integrity and due-diligence in independent and private investigations.

Our private investigators in Indianapolis, Indiana use our investigative services to find answers in matters of:

  • Child Custody Investigation
  • Personal and Family Investigation 
  • Background Checks
  • Attorney and Legal Service Investigations 
  • Missing Person Investigation
  • Crimes Against Persons
  • Corporate Culture Audits All Industries
  • Corporate Intelligence and Investigations
  • FMLA Investigation

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Private investigators in Indianapolis have a diverse list of ways to apply their intelligence services in a way that helps our community. Indianapolis is home to hundreds of small businesses that can benefit from the intelligence services of private investigators, like background checks, internal investigations, surveillance and undercover operations, and employee misconduct. Indianapolis private investigators have the ability to empower these small businesses so they can make necessary changes that will improve the corporation from within.

Why Hire our Team

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Readiness and Response

We consider your request important and critical. Once a client has reached out to our firm our team responds within 24 hours to listen, ascertain facts, develop solutions, deliver results.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Client Service First

In times of crisis, we know which questions to ask and how to mitigate the risks that threaten our clients’ professional or personal lives. We want to help as we understand the unprecedented challenges you may be facing.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Team Success

Our team succeeds because we understand the various client configurations and needs. We support and advocate your purpose or legal driven request. We follow trends and find innovative investigative techniques to success.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

For 25 years our clients
are from All Sectors

No matter the sector, we find solutions for Law Firms, HR leader and CEO’s or directly to your family. Focusing on customized solutions to your problems utilizing OSINT and HUMINT sources to make rapid decisions for your corporate or workplace investigation or family crisis.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Fact-based investigations

Our team focuses on facts. We independently verify all information that comes to light during an investigation, and heavily document our observations for the record. We approach every investigation with integrity and objectivity.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response


Our investigators are committed to your request and whatever the challenges we face our team will be steadfast in finding results, delivering facts, and communicating with stakeholders.

Michigan Private Investigators

A Variety of Investigative Services for Private Clients

Indianapolis private investigators are also able to extend similar intelligence services to private clients who need clarification in order to make complex decisions. Lauth Investigations international has been working with Indianapolis families for over 20 years to find answers in matters of child custody, background checks for in-home contractors and child care, and in matters of infidelity. We empower our clients with detailed reports and crucial context that gives them the information the need for peace of mind.

By virtue of the local highway system, Indianapolis is also a hotspot for sex trafficking in the United States, resulting in dozens of vulnerable children and adults to go missing each year. Our founder, private investigator Thomas Lauth, is also one of the nations foremost experts in missing children and adults. When your loved one goes missing, consider retaining Lauth Investigations International to conduct an independent investigation in tandem with law enforcement to ensure that no stone is left unturned.


Investigative Services for
Business and Corporate Clients

Under ideal circumstances, no one will ever have to hire a private detective or investigator for their personal or professional crisis. Private investigators provide a valuable service to both businesses and private citizens by providing them with the intelligence they need to make complex decisions in their lives. Our investigative services are diverse and can be applied to many investigation types. When you call the offices of Lauth Investigations International, you’ll be connected with an investigator who will listen to you investigative needs and advise how we can help.

Our investigative services include but are not limited to:

  • Background check
  • Surveillance
  • Skip trace & witness location
  • Risk assessment
  • Expert testimony

From Our Clients

“Working with Lauth Investigation is both efficient and rewarding. They have been able to obtain crucial information that has impacted the overall effectiveness of my team. This has put my company growth in the forefront of everyone’s mind. The results of their in house consultations were immeasurable.”

Bradley L.

“The results of Lauth Investigations has been rapid, clear, and understandable. My company needed this refreshing crisis management consultation process. I am happy to have such an incredible team to lean on when we need them.”

Jennifer B.

“The information Lauth Investigations was able to obtain in regards to the unethical activities occurring at one of our warehouses was exactly what our HR Director needed to begin termination procedures on not just one individual but an entire department. I would definitely recommend them!”

Benjamin A.

Being a Private Investigator in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis already has a national economical reputation for developing and sustaining niche markets, such as the market around motorsports and auto-racing. As the metropolis continues to grow in population and economy, so will the opportunities for Indianapolis private investigators.

Family-owned and operated for more than 30 years, Lauth Investigations International has specialized in complex corporate, financial, and private investigations worldwide. We are a detective agency that leaves no stone unturned in our pursuit of truth and knowledge. From skip tracing to surveillance, our services have earned us a glowing A+ grade with the Better Business Bureau. We carry a 5-star rating with Google, and our testimonials speak for themselves. We work closely with clients to provide the full picture in their personal or professional crisis. We have been serving businesses and citizens in the greater Indianapolis area and throughout the Midwest with our diversified intelligence services. We provide comprehensive reports and expert recommendations.

Investigating Violent Crimes, Threats, Harassment

As of October 1st, 2018, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department had investigated 127 homicides and 109 murders, with 12% of those cases attributed to robbery. According to the FBI, 2017 was the third record-breaking year for crime statistics in Indianapolis, and those statistics show no signs of declining. When the criminal justice system fails, victims of these crimes often turn to a private investigator to finally get justice.
Hiring a private investigator for your unsolved case can reinvigorate case progression. Too often, even the best police departments can develop tunnel-vision. This means all possible leads are not exhausted and the case goes cold. Getting a fresh set of eyes on the case means that a private investigator can pursue leads unexplored by police. With the help of databases comparable to those used by law enforcement, private investigators can identify leads, plan surveillance, and develop comprehensive strategies for the case.

Investigating Missing Persons

Firms like Lauth Investigations International can assist in many types of investigations. Just as in the case of violent crimes, a private investigator combines the skills of law enforcement and the autonomy of a private citizen to conduct concurrent or independent investigations into a person who vanishes under any circumstances. Through skip-tracing and surveillance, private investigators can develop leads in a missing person’s disappearance and get answers for the family.

But not all missing persons cases are the result of a person meeting a violent end. As “the crossroads of America,” Indianapolis experiences a moderate to high level of human trafficking. One of the most complex issues in human trafficking is tracking traffickers across multiple jurisdictions as they transport victims from city to city. Law enforcement can often be handcuffed by jurisdictional issues, but a private investigator can use their autonomy to pole vault over this red tape in pursuit of leads that might otherwise go cold. Due to his experience in complex missing persons investigations, private investigator, our CEO, Thomas Lauth has worked with Interpol, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Consulate and other foreign embassies on a myriad of cases, including human trafficking.

Improving Indianapolis Business

Indianapolis private investigators are not limited to cases of violent crime and missing persons, however. Every major metropolitan area will always have cases dealing with infidelity or child custody, but private investigators based in Indianapolis have ample opportunity to service local businesses with their skill-set. Indianapolis is home to a diversified body of businesses, but its five top industries are:

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Real estate
  • Rental
  • Leasing

Many business owners—especially small business owners—often are not aware of how a private investigator can protect, or even save, their companies. Every business needs valued employees, and finding the right person can often be an arduous task. The candidate might be qualified, but how much about their record can be independently verified? Hiring a private investigator to do background checks for employees will ensure that any verification of their qualifications will be vetted. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, many employers are making independent background checks a regular step of their hiring process in order to weed out potential predators in their workforce. All types of business can experience the full spectrum of employee theft (from vanishing office supplies to full-on embezzlement), violation of non-compete agreements, and offenses under the umbrella of employee malingering, including FMLA abuse. A private investigator uses surveillance and applied methodology to expose the source of these crimes and document them for our clients. The independent involvement of a private investigator in the investigation of any employee misconduct will lay a strong foundation for any HR or legal consequences, ensuring that the investigation is thorough and objective from beginning to end.

Serving Consumers

Every major industry operating in Indianapolis can rely on the services of a private investigator to protect their business—not just from its own workforce, but potential consumers as well. Finance, insurance, and real estate of all kinds can benefit from a comprehensive vetting of a consumer after their request for services. Financial institutions and insurance brokers may check a consumer’s credit, but a full background check on an applicant can sharpen the big picture when making a cost-benefit analysis regarding any transaction. In the housing industry, any landlord renting or leasing their property can be fully informed about their tenants when they employ a private investigator to run a background check. When a consumer suspects that a business is operating unlawfully or unethically and wants to get to the truth, a private investigator can go undercover and use surveillance to document any illicit behavior.


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