An internal audit has appeared on the impending schedule and it’s time to make sure that your house is in order. After all, your procedures are about to be combed through in depth and faults and flaws brought to the surface. When faced with this prospect, it is vital to take proactive action, thinking through and identifying potential weak areas. But not only that; the internal audit is a collaborative process that can either reward or reprove. Preparations are key, and a skilled corporate investigator can help you lay the foundation for a prosperous outcome. Let’s examine the process a little more closely.

Aligning With the Objectives of the Internal Audit Process

Internal audits are conducted in an effort to minimize risk and optimize business operations. This will include things like confirming legal compliance and adherence to company policies, safeguarding various assets, preventing fraud and other forms of white collar crime, and ensuring the strength and efficiency of practices. 

To yield positive results from this process, it is key to understand the objectives and risks of the undertaking in relation to your unique enterprise—failure to do so will potentially see you blind-sided by obligations following the internal audit’s results. If the behaviours of your team have diverged dramatically from policies, procedures, and business goals, knowing this ahead of time can help you prepare for what’s coming, as well as enabling you to contribute to the course of the internal investigation’s conclusions and follow up.

Crucially, many internal auditors are trained on measuring the metrics that dictate whether standards and requirements are being met, however they may not be experts on the intricate realities of your particular field. Even armed with the goal to steer you toward compliance and help you achieve higher standards moving forwards, their input may make unwelcome waves. 

Your tactical preparation for this assessment can help you work with them to meet the targets in question, rather than allowing conclusions drawn to side-track your department’s progress. Who better to help you prepare than a corporate investigator able to approach the internal audit process with comprehension of both perspectives?

Help In Developing An Effective Audit Program

If, in contrast, you are an executive charged with developing an effective internal audit program, drawing upon expert assistance can be invaluable. After all, an internal audit is only as effective as its scope is comprehensive. A corporate investigations specialist from Lauth Investigations International will offer essential guidance in curating an effective strategy. 

Extensively versed in designing and conducting corporate audits and investigations, we understand the necessity to develop bespoke internal audit solutions that not only ensure that every ‘i’ is dotted and ‘t’ crossed, but also that operations, assets, integrity, and—crucially—corporate culture are elevated through the auditing process. Our veteran corporate investigations and auditing specialists can assist all branches of business in preparation ahead an internal audit, helping them ensure that they have shone a light into every dark crevice and corner, and are armed with the information and strategies required to make the process as painless and constructive as possible. 

For companies aiming to establish or reinvent their internal audit processes, we can both aid in the development of tailored auditing practices as well as offering comprehensive Corporate Culture Audits that assess every facet of an organization’s operations in order to propel it towards its full potential. To discover more about internal audit support from the Lauth team, contact us today.