Think the humble employee background check is an unnecessary expense? Think again. Because there’s nothing like a spate of bad hires to leave a gaping hole in the finances of your business. With research placing the average cost of a single bad recruitment choice anywhere from $17,000 to $240,000, every organization should have weeding out flaws in their HR department’s strategy high on the agenda. 

Poor recruitment practices can be a drain on morale and company culture, wasting time and money and placing a heavy burden on the shoulders of those forced to take up the slack. So what can Human Resources do to mitigate this potential disaster? From background screening to watching for red flags, today we’ll dive into how your HR team can streamline their recruitment process and protect your bottom line

The Warning Signs of a Recruit You’ll Regret

A great candidate CV has landed on the desk of your top HR manager, and they’re excited at the prospect of having this individual on board. All the desired competencies and experiences appear to be in place, but there’s no escaping the fact that a CV can be doctored to hide a disastrous history or terrible work ethic.

In support of background screening—which we’ll come back to later—the interview process provides a key opportunity to observe candidates and be on the look out for obvious red flags such as showing up late or poor presentation, but you can leverage this time together even more effectively. Be sure to question candidates thoroughly on the contents of their credentials, experience record, and application to ensure that every detail adds up.

Make Sure the Right Cards Are on the Table

You’ve ensured that the job description posted fully reflects the position offered and that the candidate comprehends every aspect of the role. Now is the time to lay all the pertinent cards on the table, letting them know your expectations and making sure that you understand theirs.

This can include going over the standards that you require from employees—in terms of conduct, responsibilities, team engagement, and appearance—and ensuring that they intend to be with you for the long haul. Far too many employers invest substantially in new recruits, not realizing that they only view the position as a stepping stone. There can be no mincing words when ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Turn to a Trusted Investigations Firm for Comprehensive Background Screening

Any savvy recruiter understands the importance of verifying references and credentials when hiring a new team member. Unfortunately, bad actors in the recruit pool may go to great lengths to deceive, faking vital certifications or enlisting the help of nefarious friends to provide false references.

Your HR team may do their best to conduct a thorough employee background check, but only a licenced investigative firm like Lauth Investigations International will be able to run your potential recruits against the same databases used by law enforcement agencies, or check storied histories that require gathering information across state lines.

When it comes to weeding out bad recruitment, anything less than comprehensive background checks carried out by licenced investigators is a risk that could mean trouble in the making. If you’d like to learn more about how we can support your business in its strides towards greater prosperity, contact our team today.