As if enduring the loss of a loved one wasn’t bad enough, families across America are grappling with a worryingly dark trend in unsolved homicides. Recent investigative journalism has revealed that murders are going unsolved at a historic pace—with the clearance rate of solved cases falling to its lowest point in more than half a century. It’s no surprise that the bereaved are increasingly turning to the skills of an independent unsolved homicide investigator in order to find much-needed closure.

In recent years, the volume of homicides for which the murderers are held accountable has fallen so sharply that almost half of perpetrators are never brought to justice. Making these numbers even more grim is the reality that police are far less likely to solve a homicide when the victim is Black or Hispanic. For those whose loved ones fall on the wrong side of the statistics, enlisting the help of a private investigator with specialized skill in unsolved homicide investigations can be the best way to reclaim empowerment. So let’s look at how a PI can assist in bringing the most heinous among criminals to justice.

Evidence and Intelligence Gathering: The Private Investigator’s Calling Card

An unsolved homicide investigator’s central focus is always the gathering of intelligence. Where the focus of police investigations would be on proving a crime—and may have been victim to limited resources—the private investigator can cast a far wider net on behalf of their clients, continuing to fact seek until every stone has been overturned. 

In the case of unsolved homicides, intelligence gathering can become more challenging over time as perpetrators cover their tracks, evidence disappears, and leads dry up. However, in the digital era, almost every occurrence leaves a trail, and with the right skills and resources, that trail can be rediscovered long after it was laid. 

A fully licensed unsolved homicide investigator has the power to delve into many of the same databases used by law enforcement agencies, canvas the area around crime scenes, request CCTV footage, reexamine witnesses, and even follow leads over state lines or international borders if required. Going further, they will have expert knowledge of legal obligations, enabling them to ensure that all fresh evidence gathered is done so legally and will serve as admissible evidence when the truth finally comes to light.

A Private Investigator Knows That Stories Change Over Time

The indelible virtual footprints that may be uncovered through digital forensics tell an irrefutable truth, but the word of human beings can be more tricky to pin down. Private investigators specializing in unsolved homicides are highly trained professionals with the capacity to analyze witness statements, cross-reference time-lines, and assess validity in the context of each individual’s background and connection to the case. 

Whether unintentional or malicious, the stories of witnesses, friends, and family members often shift over time as new details are remembered or the right questions are asked. The police rarely have the time to conduct follow up interviews, but an unsolved homicide investigator can return to a powerful asset in the field of crime solving—the memory of those present at the time. Even a small clue can repaint the framing of events leading up to a homicide. Every detail counts.

Shedding Fresh Light on Unsolved Homicides

Just as two people looking at the same picture will interpret it differently, the more pairs of eyes that review a case, the higher the probability that a vital puzzle piece will be uncovered. A private investigator—unfettered by time targets or policy pressures—can consider the case in a more measured way, with the interest of their clients held front and center. This is what allows the unsolved homicide investigator to bring cases to conclusion that the police may allow to grow cold.

Turn to a seasoned private investigator with the licensure and skillset required to hold the most dangerous criminals to account. Many of the investigators at Lauth Investigations International have a background in law enforcement, allowing them to see each case from the perspective of every party involved. We can cooperate and coordinate with police investigators, or pick up where they left off. Whichever role we fulfill, our duty is always to you, to the truth, and to justice. If you require assistance with an unsolved homicide, reach out to the Lauth team today for a no-commitment consultation and a chance at closure previously denied.