Private investigators are invaluable to bringing crucial context to many matters of private citizens every day. However, one of the ways private investigators can have a huge impact is by serving as a second pair of eyes in both death investigations and unsolved homicides. Families of subjects in unsolved death investigations often go years without closure in their loved ones’ cases. Hiring a private investigator in a death investigation can provide the answers necessary to attain justice.

Whether it’s an unsolved homicide, or a death investigation, it’s always worth it to get more than one set of eyes on any case. Any human investigator is susceptible to tunnel vision or bias, but private investigators have an edge over law enforcement. One of the top reasons law enforcement may be unable to uncover answers in a homicide or death investigation is the lack of attention they are able to give each case. The average police department investigator can have as many as 30 cases on their desk at any given time, which means their total attention must be divided 30 times. The average private investigator handles between 3-4 cases at any given time, meaning each case gets the attention it deserves. This means a private investigator looking into a death investigation—even years after the fact—may see something that the original investigator did not observe.

A typical detractor in unsolved homicides or death investigations is time itself. The more time passes between a death and the onset of the investigation, the more time there is for witnesses to disappear, evidence to erode, and valuable leads to be lost to the tick of the clock. The same machinations that allow a caseload to hinder investigations are the same that allow bureaucracy to drive a wedge further between an investigator and the truth. Law enforcement officers who investigate death investigations are subject to a chain of command and red tape designed to protect the public at large. However, private investigators are not subject to that same chain of command. Most private investigators are either self-employed or only answer to one other supervisor above them, depending on the structure of their firm. This means that most private investigators are given a degree of autonomy unlike anything present in law enforcement. Private investigators can pursue leads and courses of action within a death investigation without having to fight the red tape.

Lauth Investigations International is passionate about applying their intelligence-gathering disciplines to unsolved homicides and death investigations. Our comprehensive field investigations and thorough reports can give families closure and answer long-pondered questions as to the fate of their loved ones. We have a 90% success rate across all of our casework, and carry a glowing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For more information, please visit us online at