cheating spouseFew situations in life are more emotionally charged as the thought of one’s spouse being unfaithful. In many cases, hiring a private investigator can help to uncover the truth so the next steps can be taken, whether they lead to divorce or reconciliation. Let’s explore some of the benefits working with a professional can have.

Learning the truth. While finding out for sure that your spouse is cheating may hurt, knowing the truth once and for all can help you begin the healing process. When all you have are suspicions it can seriously interfere with your life and emotional well-being.

Gathering evidence. If your motivation for catching your cheating spouse include leverage in a divorce proceeding or custody battle, hiring a professional private investigator can help you gather the evidence you need to strengthen your case.

Knowledge of what to look for. Unless you’ve got experience conducting surveillance and investigations, chances are you don’t know exactly what you need to be looking for to build a solid case of infidelity. A private investigator can help by honing in on key activities and signs that indicate guilt, making for a much faster and more accurate resolution.

Admissible documentation. Experienced private investigators understand the complicated laws surrounding privacy, which means the evidence and documentation they compile is more likely to be admissible in court than what one may gather on his or her own.

Lack of emotional involvement. While it may seem tempting to catch your cheating spouse in the act, such an emotionally charged situation can lead to unpleasant consequences. Hiring an outside party can remove this personal factor which will ensure a more straightforward and solid case.

It should be noted that in some cases it may be wise to consult with an attorney prior to hiring a private investigator, particularly in situations where a divorce settlement or custody of children are involved. If you’d like to discuss your particular suspicions and learn whether hiring a PI would be a good option, give us a call.