In order to make crucial decisions regarding family, it’s imperative to have all the information available. When it comes to the safety of minor children, objective facts are the crux of any decisions made regarding their care and living arrangements.  In some cases, it may become necessary to place minor children in the care of their grandparents. In cases where grandparent custody is ordered, it helps to have the objectivity of a private investigator for purposes of fact-finding and due-diligence.

There are multiple circumstances under which grandparent custody might be considered during matters of child custody. Typically, grandparents take custody when both of the legal parents or guardians of the child are unable to care for them due to death, incarceration, institutionalization, or other forms of intervention on behalf of the state. Children are often placed with their grandparents by the court. In courts, it’s part of the due-diligence of the judge and any guardians ad litem that the health and happiness of the child be the priority. When making these determinations, having the objective opinion of a private investigator can go a long way.

Private investigators might be pulled in on behalf of concerned grandparents who fear their grandchildren are unsafe with their parent(s). The circumstances can range substantially. Parents who’ve had custody of their children taken from them and placed in the hands of grandparents might also be concerned for their child’s safety. Regardless of the context of grandparent custody, private investigators are there to perform due-diligence and provide recommendations.

Private investigators are first and foremost independent professionals. They are not bound by any jurisdiction or chain of command, and are free to pursue the truth rather than a desired outcome. With no stake in the outcome of the investigation, their word carriers an extra veneer of integrity that can be compelling in a court of law. Private investigators are highly adept at blending in to the background so they can document the unseen factors in any grandparent custody case. Using the best available in surveillance technology, private investigators can observe children in grandparent custody, documenting factors like how clean and well-fed do they look? Does the child seem happy? Does the child appear to have a good relationship with the grandparents? Private investigators can also canvass areas that are frequented by those with grandparent custody, interviewing them about what they have observed. Private investigators are highly adept at developing rapport with subjects and witnesses alike. Because private investigators are not law enforcement and have no powers of arrest, witnesses might also feel more comfortable opening up to them, which can dislodge roadblocks in case progression.

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