If you are looking for a professional genealogist to conduct an heir search on behalf of your family, what do you need to know? The field of genealogy—particularly in relation to how to conduct an heir search—is one that few people are well versed in. It is likely to be an entirely unfamiliar industry until an urgent need arises; a reality that leaves many private individuals vulnerable to low-caliber services at runaway prices. 

With all of that in mind, today we’re going to look at what you need to know when looking to contract a genealogy expert so that you can get the timely and cost effective results you need and rightfully obtain your family’s legal assets. Read on to find the clarity you need to know how to conduct an heir search with confidence.

Why and When are Heir Search Services Required?

What kind of circumstances might lead someone to seek out a genealogist and associated heir search services? This type of professional is poised to navigate issues such as heir search, estate settlement, and probate research. They will conduct this service on behalf of private clients, trustees, and attorneys with fiduciary responsibility. An heir search is commonly required when someone dies without a will, although in certain States, there is an obligation to identify all known heirs and their respective rights to inheritance before an estate can be settled.

To untangle potentially complex webs of lineage, a genealogist will trace the family tree in question and thoroughly document their findings. Completing this task requires not only specialist investigatory abilities but also a distinct note of the detective’s skillset. Why?

Because in a world that sees families dispersed not only between states but also between nations, capacity to traverse borders, navigate diverse legislation, and even conduct in-person investigations can be immensely useful. In any heir search, efficiency is the central tenant, but supporting is the resources to expand the search as required to ensure that the matter can be closed and heirs can find peace of mind. When knowing how to conduct an heir search and who to turn to, the right credentials are an excellent place to start.

How to Conduct an Heir Search: What To Look For In a Genealogist

In recent years, the field of genealogy has seen an influx of professionals adhering to less-than-desirable standards. This makes it critical than families carefully vet an heir search service before agreeing to proceed. There are two factors framing why this counts—beyond the genealogist’s capacity to find the necessary information or individuals. 

The first is that their findings will need to meet the standard required to present successfully in court. The genealogist will need to sign an affidavit, delivered with full supporting documentation, and may need to testify on your family’s behalf. This makes the associated expertize and experience an essential prerequisite.

It is also key to ensure that the company you hire is fully certified and transparent about their pricing and practices. You are under no obligation to accept the services of an heir hunter who approaches you cold without confirming their credentials—even if they have already begun the search process. Instead, you can take your time to ensure that the genealogy service you partner with is established and professional, and that you have a clear sense of what lies ahead. 

So ask to see certifications, and ensure you have a direct line of communication to the genealogist who will assist you. By taking these steps of caution, you can ensure that your family’s legal assets can ultimately be claimed with dignity.

Turn To Lauth Investigations International for Your Heir Search Needs

Lauth Investigations International is a family-owned and operated investigatory firm that has been operating wold-wide from our Indiana base for more than 30 years. In completing heir searches, we draw on a diverse skillset obtained through decades of collaboration with private individuals, law enforcement, attorneys, trustees, corporations, and many more entities beside. 
We meet you with a seasoned and personalized service, including established expertize in deft investigation and presenting legally sound findings. Our duty is always to our clients and to truth. So learn more about our comprehensive Heir Search Service, or contact our team today for tailored advice.