find stolen property

Do you need help with a theft investigation to find stolen property? Closure may be closer than you think.

Property theft can happen anywhere, but when it rises to the level of grand larceny, an investment in its return may be prudent. Of course every jurisdiction has its own unit dedicated to property theft—but not every unit has the resources or the manpower in order to handle the demands property theft poses in a certain jurisdiction. Not to mention that the nature of stolen property cases always presents unique challenges in tracking both the perpetrator and the property itself as it changes hands. As such, many victims of grand larceny and other forms of theft have trouble recovering their property through bureaucratic channels. When these challenges arise, victims may feel the need to get a second opinion.

Hiring a private investigator to find stolen property is a way to bring new professional perspective to your case. Private investigators and law enforcement use many of the same tools in their investigative toolbox. Many private investigators are former law enforcement officers who apply their professional knowledge to the private sector—only private investigators have a slight edge. Law enforcement officers can handle between 30-40 cases at any give time, which makes it difficult to give each case the attention it deserves. However, private investigators typically handle between 4-5 cases at a time, leaving a lot more time for due-diligence and field investigations. There is a great deal of canvassing involved with a theft investigation, including neighboring businesses and private residences, and local pawn shops in order to track the stolen property. Investigators cannot possibly hope to do that for every case when they are handling an excess of 30 cases at once. This means that crucial witnesses and evidence can be lost, leading to significant stagnation in case progression.

Another benefit to hiring a private investigator to find stolen property is their lack of jurisdiction. Because they have no powers of arrest, it can be easier to get relevant subjects and witnesses to be forthcoming in the investigation and result in additional leads. Once the property is located, private investigators can serve as a middle-man. Without powers of arrest, private investigators can facilitate the successful return of the property. Many subjects are willing to return the property in order to avoid the police.

At the conclusion of the case, private investigators provide clients with comprehensive reports and context to ensure the client understands the outcome. Private investigators may also be inclined to offer professional advice so the client can prevent future thefts. This doesn’t just go for personal property, but corporate property as well. Things like fixtures, equipment, and product are all targets of theft, and each one deserves the specialized approach that a private investigator can bring.

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