Most modern employers with a finger on the pulse understand the immense value of attracting and retaining the highest caliber of employees—and leverage the lure of tempting benefits packages to do so. However, did you know that implementing awesome employee benefits can provide a far greater array of rewards to your enterprise?

When it comes to forging superhero-level corporate culture, there may be few greater secret weapons in your company’s arsenal than a well-thought-out benefits strategy. As tech industry titan Julie Bevacqua expressed so eloquently, “In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people.”

Essentially, when alignment is achieved between company mission and employee values, your brand’s potential for cape-wearing success can really begin to take flight. Read on as we explore how to maximize your employee benefits return on investment.

How Employee Benefits Steer and Shape Corporate Culture

A strategic employee benefits package can do so much more than seal the deal for recruited talent or reduce team turnover. Crucially, your company’s benefits reflect your brand’s values and mission, as well as its understanding of the people that keep it alive every day.

Benefits should be practical for employees, supporting the way that they work and live. For example, travel support will be relevant to commuters, but useless to those working from home. Meanwhile, eco-conscious employers should consider how to make their benefits align with their brand values, for example partnering with local green businesses.

Perks relating to mental health or fitness, such as gym memberships, are going to be relevant to everyone—because everyone wins when employees are happy and healthy. In fact, a recent analysis identified that employers can attain a potential return of $1.50 for every dollar invested in employee wellness programs. This makes sense when we consider the impact on employee engagement and absenteeism that a healthier lifestyle is likely to yield.

Tailoring Employee Benefits to Support a Stronger Corporate Culture

When organizations take the time to understand the unique needs of their employees, team members will inevitably feel more seen, heard, and valued. This makes it essential to avoid a one-size-fits-all mindset and tailor benefits to reflect your current workforce, evolving that package as necessary over time.

An essential puzzle piece for the successful deployment of awesome employee benefits is communicating what’s available to employees and then measuring results. Metrics such as productivity, employee turnover, and absenteeism can provide critical insights into the health of your corporate culture, while regular reviews of employee benefits as they fit into your larger employee retention and development programs will offer long-term value.
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