private investigator for custody investigations

Custody battles are one of the most taxing and distressing events that can occur within a family. From the emotions broiling between caregivers to choosing the best possible living situation for a child, both tensions and the stakes can be very high for all those involved. As all parties involved prepare for family court, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the documents and information required. In order to maintain some sense of objectivity, many families hire a private investigator for custody investigations, which has many benefits, both inside and outside the courtroom.

Why hire a private investigator for custody investigations? Private investigators have a wealth of skills and tools that can arm caregivers with the information they need to enter a courtroom and prove their case to a family court judge.

Comprehensive background investigations: While potential caregivers may have personal knowledge of another party’s fitness for custody, proving the absolute objectivity of that information in family court can prove difficult, as most family court judges know inherently that all potential caregivers will have an axe to grind when it comes to their case. However, with an independent, comprehensive background check, a private investigator can identify crucial factors in a potential caregiver’s personal life, such as address history, criminal history, and litigation history. Each of these factors needs a private investigator’s trained eye to discern how relevant they might become within a custody investigation, and present those factors with objectivity.

Documenting relative lifestyle factors: In background investigations, relevant factors may come up that will need to be documented for the court by an independent party. For instance, if a potential caregiver believes that another associates with dangerous individuals or if they keep strange hours due to substance abuse, a private investigator could document those factors through field surveillance. With videos and photographs of the alleged bad behavior, the evidence will be harder to impeach in court.

Examining documents: Private investigators have the ability to get their hands on relevant paperwork regarding a potential caregiver. Many families attempt to procure relevant paperwork of their own accord, but often with less than ideal results. Not only is it crucial to obtain the paperwork, but private investigators can review paperwork with an independent eye and ability to cross-check relevant information that will be of interest to the court.

Evaluation of primary residence: When making decisions about where a child should live, documenting the living conditions will be paramount. Using the same field surveillance technology used to document lifestyle factors can also be used to document the living conditions of the residence. While it’s true that private investigators cannot enter a person’s home without being invited, there are undercover ruses that can be used to photograph the inside of the home. The property around the residence will also need to be documented, especially factors like structures being in disrepair, refuse on the lawn, or heavy machinery stored on the property that could be a safety factor.

Independent testimony: By far, the greatest asset of a private investigator’s involvement is their independence and objectivity. Family court judges know that all parties involved in a child custody situations, all parties involved cannot possibly be 100% objective. Hiring a private investigator for child custody investigations can be a huge step in the direction swaying the judge. Private investigators have no stake in the outcome of the case, and therefore, their testimony can be viewed as objective by the court.

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