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In the heart of Ohio, Columbus is a city where innovation meets tradition. Lauth Investigations brings its esteemed mission of securing peace of mind through trusted intelligence to the residents and businesses of Columbus. As a leading professional private investigation firm, we are dedicated to providing top-tier private investigation and intelligence services, making Lauth your trusted partner in navigating uncertainties for a secure, informed future in Columbus. Enlisting a private investigator during personal challenges is the key to unlocking essential insights that help you navigate complex decisions. While pop culture often paints private investigators with a brush of shadowy surveillance and intrigue reminiscent of classic detective stories, the reality is much more grounded and valuable.

Our private investigators in Columbus, Ohio use our investigative services to find answers in matters of:

  • Fraud & Theft investigation
  • Corporate investigation
  • Non-compete agreement violation
  • Child custody investigation
  • Infidelity Investigation
  • Criminal defense investigation
  • Missing person investigation
  • Corporate culture audits
  • FMLA abuse investigation

Solutions Found. Cases Solved.


Success Rate

Years Experience

In Columbus, private investigators bring a versatile set of skills to the table, tailored to address and support a wide range of personal needs, ensuring you’re equipped with the right information to steer through life’s twists and turns.

Lauth’s Columbus division is built on a foundation of resolute dedication to truth, comprehensive investigative strategies, and an adaptive approach tailored to meet the unique challenges of our Columbus clients.

With over 30 years at the forefront of the investigation industry and a remarkable 90% success rate, our expertise and unwavering commitment have resolved over 10,000 cases, affirming our position as a pillar of trust and excellence in private investigations.

Why Hire our Team

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Attorney & Legal Services

Lauth serves as an indispensable resource for Columbus’s legal community, offering investigative support that empowers attorneys to concentrate fully on their cases. Our services, including background checks and surveillance, provide the legal leverage necessary for success.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Personal Client Services

For those in Columbus facing personal challenges, Lauth stands ready with a spectrum of services designed to unveil the truth. From meticulous fact-finding and surveillance to the provision of detailed reports, our private investigators are your allies in navigating personal crises with confidence.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Team Success

Our team succeeds because we understand the various client configurations and needs. We support and advocate your purpose or legal driven request. We follow trends and find innovative investigative techniques to success.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

For 25 years our clients
are from All Sectors

No matter the sector, we find solutions for Law Firms, HR leader and CEO’s or directly to your family. Focusing on customized solutions to your problems utilizing OSINT and HUMINT sources to make rapid decisions for your corporate or workplace investigation or family crisis.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Corporate Investigations

In the corporate realm of Columbus, Lauth’s investigative prowess is an invaluable asset. We deliver thorough, unbiased investigations to fortify your business against internal and external threats, employing strategic measures such as workplace evaluations and undercover operations to ensure your enterprise’s integrity.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response


Our investigators are committed to your request and whatever the challenges we face our team will be steadfast in finding results, delivering facts, and communicating with stakeholders.

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Why Lauth is the Preferred Choice in Columbus

Choosing Lauth Investigations means entrusting your concerns to a partner deeply committed to your security and success. Our Columbus division prides itself on a responsive, client-centric approach, ensuring every inquiry is met with precision and dedication.


  • Prompt Response and Bespoke Strategies: We guarantee a 24-hour response to all Columbus inquiries, emphasizing our pledge to deliver tailored, impactful solutions.
  • Insight and Ingenuity: At Lauth, we understand the diverse needs of our Columbus clientele, employing innovative investigative techniques to navigate and resolve complex issues.
  • Solutions Across Industries: Tailoring our investigative and intelligence services to the specific needs of law firms, corporations, and private individuals in Columbus, Lauth facilitates informed, decisive actions in any scenario.

Experience the Lauth Difference Today

You deserve an investigative partner that provides clarity and security in uncertainty. Lauth Investigations is committed to being that partner, offering the trusted intelligence and support essential for navigating life’s complexities.

Don’t lose precious seconds searching for a private investigator number you may not be able to trust. Choose Lauth today.

From Our Clients

“Working with Lauth Investigation is both efficient and rewarding. They have been able to obtain crucial information that has impacted the overall effectiveness of my team. This has put my company growth in the forefront of everyone’s mind. The results of their in house consultations were immeasurable.”

Bradley L.

“The results of Lauth Investigations has been rapid, clear, and understandable. My company needed this refreshing crisis management consultation process. I am happy to have such an incredible team to lean on when we need them.”

Jennifer B.

“The information Lauth Investigations was able to obtain in regards to the unethical activities occurring at one of our warehouses was exactly what our HR Director needed to begin termination procedures on not just one individual but an entire department. I would definitely recommend them!”

Benjamin A.


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