Child Custody Investigations

When it comes to your children, you should expect facts, not fiction.

Lauth is the family-owned business for your family crisis

Child custody investigations can bring crucial context to complex family situations. At Lauth, we know that when it comes to child custody investigations, you deserve facts, not fiction. We use comprehensive and verified methodology to document your child’s co-parenting situation. We provide detailed reports and expert recommendations to ensure your child’s health and well-being. From the background check to the courtroom, we are dedicated to supporting our clients and their families in our child custody investigations.

How Lauth can help you with your child custody crisis.

Criminal History & Background Checks

Lauth uses verified databases and cross-reference methodology to secure a comprehensible background report on the relevant Subjects in the case. Lauth’s private investigators are trained to view a person’s criminal, financial, address, and litigation history to identify significant risk foctors and provide expert recommendations for our clients and their families.


Lauth uses the latest in surveillance techonology to bring certainty to child custody investigations. Our private investigators are comprised of former military and law enforcement who are trained in proven surveillance methodology to capture the unseen factors in child custody

Evidence gathering

Combined with our surveillance technology, our investigators are highly trained in discreet evidence gathering to support their findings in the case. Evidence is properly documented and included our comprehensive report to the client.

Witness Location

Lauth investigators use verified databases and diverse experience in canvassing to locate and speak to witnesses with relevant information to the case. We develop amiable rapport with witnesses and work with them to document their accounts, serving as qualified liasons between witnesses and our clients.


With the help of verified databases, Lauth’s skip-trace services allow investigators to locate Subjects and relevant parities in any custody investigation. Lauth will perform due-diligence in locating individuals in pursuit of truth for our clients.

Comprehensive reports

Our private investigators prepare thorough, cross-referenced reports for our clients to empower them with the knowledge they need to make crucial decisions in their time of crisis. All reports are generated with the assistance of verified databases and crossreference of investigators.

Expert recommendations

Lauth employs privJte investigators with over40 years combined experience in law enforcement and private investigations. We use due-diligence and proven methodology to provide our clients any guidance we can when it comes to weighing decisions in custody investigations.

Missing person investigations

Our CEO Thomas Lauth is one of the nation’s foremost experts in missing children and adults. Lauth is well-versed in the challenges of parental kidnapping investigations and works in tandem with law enforcement to reunite families throughout the country. For more information, please visit our Missing Persons site.

Why clients need our services

A 2019 report from the Children’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that Kentucky and Indiana have the highest rates of child abuse in the nation. That hundreds over overburdened case workers and an increased rate of human error in the supervision of children at risk for abuse. Private investigators have diverse experience and autonomy devoid of bureaucratic red tape—yielding a comprehensive, swift investigation in the interest of your child’s safety. We provide detailed reports and expert recommendations.

Statistics on Child Custody Investigations

The average amount of areared child support is $6,050. Only 62% of those arears are received.


88% of custody rulings are established by the court or a government entity


Fathers are 50% more likely to abuse their children when they abuse their partners. Mothers are 25% more likely to abuse their children when they abuse their partners.

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What is a child custody investigation?

A child custody investigation is an objective observation of a child’s well-being and treatment, usually as part of a divorce, separation, or custody case.

A typical investigation involves an investigator assessing the treatment of a child by his or her parents. The conclusion of the investigator is then reported to the court and used in custody evaluations. 

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