3D_Judges_GavelFew situations in life are more tumultuous and emotionally charged than that of a child custody battle. It can be even more upsetting when one parent lacks the capacity to provide a safe, healthy environment for the child or children in question. Unfortunately, scenarios such as these can be difficult to prove on your own. That’s when the help of a qualified, experienced private investigator can help. Here’s how.

In-Depth Background Investigation – In many cases, it’s not only the other parent that is potentially placing the child or children in danger, but those with whom he or she associates or resides. A private investigator can conduct comprehensive background investigations on every party in question to uncover any potential evidence of a problem.

Video/Photographic Evidence – You may be confident that your former partner is not acting appropriately or lacks the responsibility to adequately care for your children, but convincing a judge of this can be challenging. Unless, of course, you have evidence. A skilled private investigator can gather the pictures and videos necessary to demonstrate that your concerns are legitimate.

Examining Documents – As much as you suspect certain events in your ex’s life may make him or her an unfit parent, you can’t go into court without the proper documentation. Unfortunately, snooping around to dig up information on your own will probably not produce much viable data. Private investigators, on the other hand, have access to documentation that you may not even realize exists.

On-Site Residential Evaluation – If you suspect that the other parent is neglecting, abusing or placing your child or children in harm’s way at home, chances are you won’t be invited in to check things out for yourself. A private investigator, however, can conduct a thorough on-site assessment of the other party’s home environment to evaluate cleanliness and look for signs of neglect and/or abuse.

Court Testimony – Once you’ve gathered all the proof you need, you’ll likely have to present your case to a judge. An experienced child custody investigator can provide you with a confidential report that details all photo, video and documented evidence obtained during the investigation. If necessary, he or she can also provide testimony as an expert witness during the case.

As a parent, you want to do everything within your power to keep your children safe, healthy and happy. If you suspect that your former partner is not providing an adequate level of care to your kids, you’ll have a much better chance of winning your case if you hire a professional.

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