When a family member dies and you are their heir, you go through the grieving process and receive your inheritance—right? Unfortunately, the transfer of assets does not always run so smoothly. So much so, in fact, that the total value of unclaimed assets floating around in the United States exceeds a staggering $42 billion. Think forgotten bank accounts, life insurance policies, stock holdings, pension benefits, and more, completely unmoored from those who are entitled to it. This is why asset recovery solutions are crucial.

So how can you be certain that you have inherited all you are entitled to? Or, worse yet, what if you don’t even realize the unrecovered assets are rightfully yours? 

A specialized type of private investigator takes on the mantle of addressing this injustice. They conduct detailed research into estates, perform heir searches, and locate and connect with beneficiaries to help draw those staggering numbers in unclaimed assets down over time.

On occasion, this involves mapping complex genealogy to correctly identify the unknowingly-bequeathed, while at others it involves tracing known individuals or following the trail of misplaced funds. These asset search experts know how to navigate the bureaucracy, state laws, and court systems involved in getting assets released, and an asset investigator can help to connect concealed trusts and estates with those who will benefit from them most. 

Why Asset Recovery Matters

The asset returns division of Lauth Investigations International is dedicated to delivering innovative asset recovery solutions—because we understand how life-changing an unexpected inheritance can be. This is the moment when intangible numbers in a spreadsheet or dusty file on a shelf become nursing home fees, vital home upgrades, the money a family needs to send their child to college, crucial medical payments, and countless other transformative human possibilities.

As crucial as this field of work is, unfortunately, due to the sheer value of unrecovered assets within our nation, a growing number of fake asset recovery firms have sprung up with the aim of ripping off those who may already be experiencing grief or hardship. If you require assistance in identifying or searching for lost assets, turn to a long-established private investigation firm with the credentials and track record that warrants your trust. Diligence is always a smart undertaking when monetary or high-value assets are concerned, so do your homework before aligning with a collaborator, and never pay a fee to an investigator without first confirming their licensure and credibility.

Asset Recovery Solutions From Lauth Investigations International

Lauth Investigations is a family-run enterprise with a sizable team working across a diversity of specializations. A 30-year track record of solved cases gives each of our clients total peace of mind. Our private investigators head out into the field to tackle corporate crime, missing persons cases, asset recovery, and many other types of investigation for valued clients across the nation and around the world.

When it comes to conducting an asset search, we take a dual approach to drifting assets. A member of our Return Assets division may contact you having identified unanchored assets and traced them to you as an unaware heir. In other instances, clients reach out to us either for assistance in uncovering and tracing assets, or in locating heirs whose whereabouts or identity is unknown. In all instances, we draw upon a broad skill set to aid in genealogy, probate, and estate matters—procuring documents and certificates both at home and abroad, and ensuring that when an inheritance is identified, the full amount due is accounted for and released.
Do you require the assistance of an asset investigator. Turn to the Return Assets devision at Lauth Investigations for immediate assistance from a specialized and seasoned professional, fully versed in delivering effective asset recovery solutions. Learn more about what we do, or reach out to our team today for a no-commitment consultation.